Friday, June 15, 2018

The End of BatFleck

BatFleck Era Over

Word on the street is that Ben Affleck's run as Bruce Wayne and Batman is coming to an end as the DC cinematic universe makes changes at the top and forges a new direction and tone for their movies.  The DC slate at this moment has Aquaman coming out in December 2018, Shazam at some point in 2019, and the Wonder Woman sequel in the summer of 2019.  There is talk of a Harley Quinn movie with the Birds of Prey, two different Joker movies, and a Flash movie that is supposed to be like a Back to the Future movie and not Flashpoint which was originally announced.  Absent from that schedule are Cyborg, Superman, Green Lantern Corps, and their flagship character, Batman.  Whereas there are/were plans for a new Batman solo movie starring Ben Affleck-directed by Matthew Reeves and starring Deathstroke, those plans seems to have been scrapped or modified greatly as they look to movie Bruce/Batman into a younger character.

As much as people complained about the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, the reason the movies he appeared in failed, were not because of Ben Affleck.  Batman V Superman gave us the Sad Ben meme but his characterization of the character was not the reason the movie didn't connect with audiences.  Yes the character was a bit dark but the movie delivered by Zack Snyder was also dark.  His scenes as the brooding character matched the movie and the ridiculous ending with the Two Martha's had nothing to do with Affleck.

His next appearance in Justice League- again, not his fault.  Zack Snyder and then Joss Wheedon delivered an uneven movie with an equally uneven performance by all the characters involved.  The shortomcings of that movie had very little to do with BatFleck.  He gave a performance worthy of the writing and the direction- which both failed on multiple levels.

I think older, over this bullshit Bruce/Batman is a character worth exploring- especially if he was going to give way to either Nightwing, Red Hood, or Robin.  Building out of Batman's extended family and shifting Bruce into more of a facilitator of the Bat-Family has potential; while still pulling Batman out of the mothballs when necessary.

I can imagine Ben Affleck is probably over being Batman tho.  His performances were not appreciated by fans or critics and I get the sense he felt the material was beneath him.  Regardless, I will miss him as Bruce and Batman!

The Producer

Movie Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I was able to get an early press screening for the new Jurassic World movie and I wanted to drop a review.  This is the sequel to the highly successful relaunch of the Jurassic Park franchise in 2015 starring Chris Pratt. That movie reinvigorated the tired Jurassic movie franchise making over a billion dollars worldwide and spawning the inevitable sequel.

Like most movie franchises, the sequel usually promises you bigger, stronger, faster, and Fallen Kingdom does much of that.  The plot/premise of the movie is that the island that hosted the dinosaurs in the 2015 movie has been abandoned after the animals went wild and started killing everyone.  But now the island is actually being destroyed volcanoes and an ethical dilemma has occurred: Do we save the dinosaurs?

Now to me, that answer woulda been simple: Let them burn and we roll credits on this movie about 3 minutes in.  Alas, that is not the movie being made here as Claire(played by Bryce Dallas Howard) works for a philanthropist who would love to save the dinosaurs; especially Blue, the ultra smart Raptor trained by Owen( played by Pratt)

Of course these two characters had a romance in the original movie and the chance of getting Blue back pulls our romantic leads back to Dinosaur Island.  Once on the island, we get to see the majestic dinosaurs and, like all Jurassic Park movies, there is a double cross and a plot underfoot to steal the dinosaurs and use them for nefarious purposes.  There is a B plot related to a little girl and cloning that really adds nothing to the story.  People came to see the dinosaurs, man!

Overall, a fairly solid sequel; although each movie becomes more and more ridiculous of getting the humans and the dinosaurs to interact.  This movies ending pushes that into an entirely ludicrous position for the, I am sure 3rd movie: Jurassic World 3: Dinosaurs Gone Wild.

The Producer

Sony still trying to make Fetch a thing

Black Cat and Silver Sable Shelved

News broke this week that Sony dropped the Black Cat and silver Sable movie from their production slate.  The movie, which was probably a long shot to get made anyway, disappeared from their release calendar to not many peoples surprise.

Sony, against all conventional wisdom and common sense, continues to build up a spider man universe without using Spiderman.  As Spidey is shared between the MCU and Sony, it does not appear that Marvel wants Tom Holland appearing in any movie they do not have a say in( and who can blame them).  Sony has gone full bore into the Venom movie this fall which will be absent Peter Parker/Spider-Man and word on the Blerd streets is that most are not overly excited to see Venom without Spider-Man.

On top of that, Sony dropped news this week that they are threatening us with a Morbius movie as well.  Again, another Spider villain who without Spider-Man is just a dude in a 70's leisure suit, fangs, and a bad haircut.

I wish Sony would just stop this.  I mean full stop.  There is no real audience for these characters on the big screen without Spider-Man and even then that would be a stretch.  Black Cat is a great comic book character and she has inspired some awesome cosplay at cons across America, but is anyone really waiting with baited breath to see Felicia Hardy on the big screen?

The extended Spider-verse is really filled with one not characters who, over the course of 50 plus years, have never really been fleshed out.  That lack of serious development has left those characters as one note stereotypes full of comic book tropes carried out over the history of the book.  The characters only stay relevant because of their relationship with Spider-Man.

I guess Sony is really pining all their hopes on this Venom movie in the fall.  Maybe this movie breaks the mold of non- Peter Parker supporting cast and makes money for Sony to continue down this road to a Spider-Man extended universe. Or maybe, people want to see Spider-Man VS Venom and this movie will crash and burn.  We'll see!

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The Marvel Hacks: Season 3, Ep 4

The Marvel Hacks are back.... In Blerd Notes we talk the toxic fandom that is Star Wars, why they should never remake Willy Wonka,  and the ridiculousness of DC building their movie universe around characters of Suicide Squad.  With the books, we review the new Justice League book, Ant Man and the Wasp, Immortal Hulk, Marvel 2 in 1, and our throwback X-Men story has us dealing with newly Asian Psylocke and the Mandarin.  Fun listen with your boys the Sandman, Brother Beavis, and The Producer from Brothascomics.

Podcast available on Soundcloud and Apple Podcast, Google Play, and Stitcher Radio

Marvel Hacks Podcast

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Marvel Hacks Season 3, ep 3

The Marvel Hacks are back this week as we review some milestone issues from the Might House of Marvel.  We review Iron Man 600, Amazing Spiderman 800, and Man of Steel #1.  Plus we put a nail in the coffin for Falcon #8 and review the new Black Panther book. Fun all around listen from the crew at Brothascomics

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Trailers before Solo: A Star Wars Story

Prior to Solo coming on, we were treated to the following trailers.


Sony continues on its path to ruin all characters related to the Spider-verse.  First up, we get Tom Hardy as Venom/Eddie Brock.  Honestly, the trailer does not look that horrible; although the final reveal of Venom looks like a bad Mexican Pinata.  Beyond that, making a movie with Venom and no Spider-Man is risky and I cannot see me spending my money on watching it.


Adrift seems like a book that was turned into a movie about people who survived something that they should not have survived.  And those movies of inspiration can be fun, but I always find myself asking, "why the hell you in the ocean sailing like that anyway when planes exist".  I cannot see myself watching this one either and if I do, at some point I will be cheering for the ocean like I did in the Perfect Storm.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Let me just state up front, I do not mess with Tom Cruise.  He is a Scientology weirdo and that may be his best quality.  That being said, I do enjoy the Mission Impossible movies and him as Ethan Hunt.  Each one gets more and more ridiculous, but like Fast and the Furious, people suspend their beliefs in gravity and physics to enjoy a movie.  I am actually looking forward to this.  I truly hope that Superman( Henry Cavill) kills Ethan Hunt and their moms don't share the same first name.


Look, even the Rock cannot keep up the pace he was running out with movies.  And its funny, he went through a similar downturn of making movies that sucked early in his movie career.  He is on that slide right now after Rampage.  Now we get this Die Hard rip-off Skyscraper.  You can keep all of this, man.  Id rather watch a sequel to Rampage.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindenwald

Truth be told, I have only seen like 3 of the Harry Potter movies.  They seem interesting, but its something I never really got into.  So the idea of a prequel series didn't do anything for me either, plus since I am not that familiar with the source material, I was not gonna get all the inside jokes from the Harry Potter movies.  I did see the first Fantastic Beasts.... and I fell asleep.  The sequel is a no go for me and even if I was down, it would be a hard pass because of wife beater Johnny Depp.

Bohemian Rhapsody

I was never really a big Queen music fan beyond the standards like we are the champions.  I am familiar with his story of dying of AIDS tho and from what I hear, this movie skips over that portion of his life which seems like a cop out of not dealing with his sexuality.  This is a soft pass for me, but I am sure I will see it eventually.

Ant-Man and Wasp

The trailers for this movie is proof that Marvel has a great handle on what works for each of its characters.  There is no thought of changing the tone or straying too far from what made the first movie successful.  Plus they add a character in the Wasp who people already know and love and we get this team up that looks like its pulled from the pages of the comics.  Great trailer and the real question is will Bill Foster die

The Incredibles 2

We waited a long time for this sequel and I kinda wonder if they waited too long.  Are these characters still Pixar's First Family?  Are the jokes gonna seem fresh or like they were from the early 2000's?  I was so excited about this movie at first, but as we get closer, I am getting some Cars 2 vibes and Pixar sequels have been mostly miss( Cars 2,  Cars 3, Finding Dory, ) outside of the Toy Story movies.  Hopefully its fun, but I have some doubts.

The Producer

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Blackity Black Podcast Episode 3

Brothascomics is back with our Blackity Black Podcast.  We say RIP to Margot Kidder and Prince Harry's bachelorhood. 1 Gotta Go got us fighting over french fries.  In the Box office report, we review Deadpool 2 and debate Infinity War with Female Perspective.  In the Blackity Black portion of the podcast we talk the Bad Boys franchise news, Lando being Pansexual, Our Kentucky Derby Black horse names, calling the police on Black people for living, and the This is America video from Childish Gambino.
Lots of laughs in this podcast from Big Hutch, Female Perspective, The Sandman, and the Producer from Brothascomics

Podcast is available on Soundcloud, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Google Play, and other streaming apps.  Just search @brothascomics

Blackity Black Podcast Ep 3