Monday, November 13, 2023

The Trailers Before The Marvels


Do not get a chance to get to the movies that often anymore but we just saw The Marvels and we got trailers.  Let's see what is coming soon to a movie complex near you!!

Migration( December 22, 2023)

I think one of the things that COVID helped destroy was the making of quality kids movies.  As time has gone on, movies seemed to be geared more and more towards tweens and young adults and the kids are left to feed off scraps or old stuff on Disney Plus.  Migration looks like fun for kids and adults and I can definitely see me seeing this with my family over the holiday break.

Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes ( November 17, 2023)

Now in my house, this has been anticipated by my daughter for months now.  She read the book and is a huge fan of the OG Hunger Games movies and books.  Add in Rachel Zegler and.... well tickets have been purchased for a few weeks now.  Ima miss this one because those last two Hunger Games movies broke me.

The Fall Guy (March 11, 2024)

When I saw this trailer at first, I thought there is no way they are making a movie about a tv show with Lee Majors from the 80's.  Well I was wrong.  Honestly, I never watched the original Fall Guy and I aint watching this movie.  I kinda, sorta like Ryan Gosling but not enough to pay money to see him.  Its not a hard pass, but its hard enough

Aquaman 2: Electric Boogalloo ( December 22, 2023)

Man There is no way I am seeing this movie.  From all the early bad pre press to the talks of how the shooting was.... DC, under the old leadership, cannot make a good comic book movie- Argue with your momma about that!

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes ( May 24, 2024)

Real talk.... I have not seen any of them damn apes movies.  I have zero interest and that has not changed in the past 15 years they been making this shit!  Its the Transformers with Apes and I don't fuck with that either.  Hardest of all passes!

Wish( November 22, 2023)

See my first post.... More kids movies and Disney needs to stick with making quality animation instead of live action of their already established stuff.  This looks fun. The songs sound fun.  Its just fun!  We all need more fun!!

That's all there is, folks!  What movie are you looking most forward to seeing?

The Producer

Friday, July 21, 2023





In (almost) Fifty – Five years of collecting everything from comics to Beatles memorabilia, I am now in possession of several vintage Barbie Dolls. My friend Sonji passed away four years ago, and she put me down as her emergency contact if something should happen.

I’m going to do a writing montage, this started with the Black Spiegel Shopping Chic doll. Next thing I know, we are driving hundreds of miles across Georgia buying Barbies at conventions and antique stores. Sonji was fierce, she almost went claws first into some other collectors because she put a claim into a prized doll first. She loved the hunt, she found happiness in collecting Barbies, especially the black ones.

She noticed the black dolls were not as prized as the white ones. She didn’t care. She saw her family, her friends, and herself.

 Friday July 21st.2023, the big budget Barbie movie will premiere. Several people will be wearing pink. I will too for the same and yet very different reasons.

Monday, June 19, 2023

The Flash Review


Full dislcosure.... I did not see this movie in the movie thearte.  On Fathers Day weekend my present was to spend the day with my kids.  No phones, no friends, no going out- just them and me and watching movies and playing games. 

So in the process of looking for something to watch on the Firestick, I noticed there was a copy of the Flash movie.  Now those who have a Firestick know that even tho a movie is listed there and with a link, it does not always mean that movie is the ACTUAL movie that will load when you click that link.  As it was opening weekend for the Flash, I did not think it would be there.... and yet it was.  Not only that, it was a very clear digital copy AND even with closed captions. 

My cat enjoyed it more than me

So with all that being said.... its not a very good movie.  No matter what anyone tells you- whether its Tom Cruise of David Zaslov, its not a good movie and honestly, I am not sure if they could have made a good movie under the circumstances.  Between the delays, the switch in direction away from Snyder, but still Snyder adjacent, to the absolute crime spree the star of the movie went on, this movie was jinxed from the start.  And I think the studio knew it which is why they fell into a, " screw it! Let's try and do anything and everything and see what sticks."  And that is the movie you have, some parts cool, some parts so cringeworthy bad that- if I had been in the movie thearte, I woulda walked out.  Something we talk about alot at Brothascomics is fan service: good and bad.  This movie is bad fan service. Guest stars and cameos are substitted for plot and while that may make some fanboys happy, it does not make for a coherent movie.  

If you want me to summarize, Barry Allen is still hanuted by the unsolved death of his mother and in looking to fix it, he screws up the timeline by going back to the point before his mom is killed in an effor to fix it.  That creates all these multiverse scenarios with Michael Keaton Batman appearing, Supergirl appearing, and for some reason General Zod from Man of Steel but in the same universe as Batman V Superman?  The movie is a race against time and a race to the next guest star and still these tie ins back to the Snyderverse.  And for the life of me, I will never understand the fascination with that director and those movies and this movie should be (hopefully) the death knell of that universe.  Its been a crutch at best and an anchor at worst for all the movies since Justice League and for the Flash its a whole ass anchor.

Nightmare Fuel

The acting is fine enough.  If you enjoy Keaton as Batman, this is great nostalgia.  If you enjoy good visual effects, this is not a good movie for you.  If you want to just see cameos of some of your favorite DC characters fron long ago, this is a great movie for you but if you want any of it to make actual sense, this is not the movie for you.

Maybe I missed the largeness of the movie by not seeing it at the movies.  Maybe on the big screen the weight of the entire thing woulda seemed larger and made the stakes more relevant but for me- a casual Flash fan, this movie was just another disappointment in the long list of disapointments from DC.  They literally have some of the biggest IP's ever and cannot get their characters and movies right for the life of them.  Understandibly, the movie is a failure at the box office and its not only because the movie is bad, its because DC's has soured the fan base and no one trusts that they can make a good movie and the Flash- in Speed Force fashion proved it again.

The Producer

Friday, June 16, 2023

Cartoons and Cereal Part 3: Kidd Video


Our summer podcast series about Saturday morning cartoons is back
with episode 3 focusing on Kidd Video.  The Producer defends the show and why he watched it while Big Hutch and Multigrain Beavis cannot fully understand why he liked it... until he breaks out his pie chart!  Fun listen all around!!  Be sure to rate and subscribe!

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

RIP John Romita, Sr


One of the greatest artist of all time has passed... John Romita, Sr.  If you love Spider-Man, its probably because of his artwork which has been copied by so many artist since then.  RIP 

Reporting from CNN

Monday, June 12, 2023

What We Missed in Wrestling: Summer Slam 1990


We are back with our What we Missed in Wrestling podcast as we recap WCW and WWE/F PPV's in the time frame from when we stopped watching pro wrestling.  This week its Summer Slam 1990 and as far as WWF PPV's we have watched, this one is the least terrible.  Our double Main Event has Hulk Hogan in one and the Ultimate Warrior in the other.  They are both terrible and Vince McMahon is now on commentary and boy oh boy is he bad.  Fun listen all around

The Producer

Sunday, June 11, 2023

We Watched it for you: Platonic


Platonic is a new series streaming on Apple TV and it looks to answer two age old questions: 1. Can women and men be friends without any sexual feelings between the two people and 2.  Do you think that Seth Rogen is funny.  I tend to fall into yes for the former and no for the latter and this show proves me correct on both ends.

Platonic brings Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne back together for the 3rd time.  The first two were Neighbors and Neighbors 2: Electric Boogaloo( JK). In each of those movies, they played a married couple terriorized by living next to college age students and all the drunken, high wakiness that ensues from that.  Again, those movies are fine.  Rogen and Byrne clearly have great chemistry together but it really comes down to if you find Rogen funny.  Because if you dont, this show and those movies are gonna be kinda a rough watch.

This show finds Byrne(Sylvia) and Rogen(Will) estranged from their long term friendship.  Rogen married someone that Byrne did not approve of and she told him and he got offeneded and they have not spoken in years.  Since then, Byrne has become a lawyer, gotten married, and has 3 kids.  Rogen has gotten divorced and has become a master brewer and is partnered with a brewery with another friend and an investor played completetly over the top by Andrew Lopez. 

Byrne and Rogen are brought back together as she looks to reconnect with him after hearing about the divorce and after some drinking, they attempt to fall back into their old patterns as friends but the lingering hurt from the, " I do not approve of your spouse" conversations rears its ugly head... for like 1 episode.  After that, they fall back into being friends.  Even though she has a husband and kids, she is out drinking and doing drugs with Rogen like she didn't have a husband and kids.  Rogen is essentially playing a version of EVERY CHARACTER he has ever played:  A man child whose actions and decisions are to be questioned continually.  And that can be funny at times but he and this character are 40 years old at this point.  Wisdom that comes with age are not on display here as decision after decision is just ridiculous to get us to the next ridiculous spot. At a point, you don't feel sorry for his character, you become angry at why this man cannot get his shit together.

And in that, the most important question of if men and women can be friends is lost in the sauce.  There is a subplot of Byrne's husband getting jealous and why Rogen doesn't tell Byrne that he's seeing someone but at no point is there any sexual tension or chmistry between the two.  They are just platonic friends.

Again, if you like Seth Rogen's stuff, you will like this show.  I am kinda whatever about his stuff so the show is whatever for me- even tho I love Rose Byrne.  I say it average but that is just me!  Episodes now streaming on Apple TV

The Producer