Sunday, July 14, 2019

DragonCon continues to Explore Black Excellence in Cosplay

For the 3rd year in a row, I was fortunate enough to attend DragonCon in Atlanta as a member of the media covering the event for   As a Blerd and Atlanta resident for the past 25 years, I have seen DragonCon grow from this small event that only a few thousand nerds attended, to this international event that now close to a half million people attend over the Labor Day Weekend.

My experience with Dragoncon has come full circle.  First I was a participant with my friends renting a hotel and gaming all night long.  Later, I became an active volunteer working the in the game rooms and helping my new con-friends find and play games they have never heard of before.  Now, as a member of the media, I get to see up close and personal some of my favorite stars and creators and bring that content to our blog and podcast.

But throughout all of this, the biggest change at DragonCon has been the needed expression of Black Nerd culture.  DragonCon, like most conventions, can often become very white spaces and not welcoming to nerds expressing themselves in nerd culture.  I have seen that as a fan and a volunteer.  Over the past ten years tho, DragonCon has become such a cultural awakening for Black Nerd Culture in Atlanta and throughout the southeast.  Black Nerds from around the country circle this event on their calendar to make sure they are to be seen with cosplay and heard in panels to make sure people understand that Black Nerds are here and want to express themselves and be seen and accepted in nerd culture.

One of the biggest ways to do this is through cosplay.  I have covered so many events over the past few years, and no one shows up and shows out like DragonCon for cosplay.  So many fans spend months and months getting ready for this event and it shows in their costumes.  Brothascomics uses the tag #wehere as an expression that we are here and in this place and want to be recognized for our contributions to nerd culture.

Here are some of the many examples of Black Nerd Cosplay at Dragoncon this year

Overall just a wonderful experience again this year and I cannot wait to get invited back next year to cover this event.  Its such an experience to be with like minded friends and fans for these 4 days every year!

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

MegaCon Orlando Review

For the third year in a row, the great people at Orlando Megacon granted Brothascomics press access for their event and we are forever grateful.  Check out my review of the con below and links to our pages for video and pics of the event.


Megacon is held in the Orange County Convention center and getting into the con can be challenging with the parking.  Visitors must be aware of where they are parking in relation to entrance into the convention.  If you arrive early enough, you can back in the north or south lot and walk into the convention space to big up your badge.  If you arrive later, you will need to park in the west lot an that will require taking the free shuttle Megacon offers to get to the con.  That may not seem like a big deal, but after a long day of nerding it up, looking to take a shuttle and then finding you car will feel exhausting.

Yes that is the Predator riding on the Shuttle Bus

The Badge Process

This process changed since last year.  Much like the past three years, press badges are picked up at a separate location than the fan badges.  Before that, you will need to go through security where they will check your bags and if you have props, they need to be cleared before you make it to the convention floor.

The badge process depends on if you are walking up and purchasing or picking up from will call or if your ordered on line.  Megacon is huge and a highly recommend buying your badges on line and getting there early to pick up your badge.  The lines can be long either way and frustration mounts very easily.  And even if you purchase on line and get their early, the line for entrance into the convention is long.  Very long! Bring your patience with you.

And an added wrinkle this year, once you have your badge, you need to register your badge on line at the convention which, with the limited bandwith was challenging.  Then you need to scan the badge in with a worker before you could make it onto the convention floor.  This was a new process for Megacon this year and it seemed to go smoothly, but my process as media was a bit different.

Con Size

Megacon is Florida's largest convention the second largest in the southeast after DragonCon in Atlanta.  The Convention center has plenty of space.  This year, the crowds were even larger.  My convention strategy is to go on Thursday and Friday to avoid the huge crowds and miss on Saturday's because Saturday convention is mega crowded.  This year, Thursday and Friday at Megacon had huge crowds; it almost felt like Saturday on Friday and I was not expecting that.  But with a great guest list, its easy to see how Megacon keeps growing and growing each year.  I highly suggest, if you can afford it, get a hotel near the host site.  This allows for you to go to the con, take a break, a nap, grab something to eat, and then head back to avoid the crowds.  Saturday is a great day to con, but if you have issues with large groups of people in confined spaces,  pick Thursday, Friday, or Sunday.


Megacon probably does not get its due for the quality of cosplay it receives.  Fan cosplay is fantastic and you can see the hours that fans have put into their cosplay.  Everyone is always open to take a picture either by themselves, in a group, or with you.  There is a real sense of community and its one of the most enjoyable parts about Megacon.  On top of that, their professional cosplay guests are diverse and welcoming to their fans.


In the three years I have been to Megacon, the guest list has not failed to disappoint.  Whether its tv stars or movie cast reunions like Back to the Future and Goonies this year, you can definitely get that picture and/or autograph with someone you admire.  My daughter met John Barrowman this year and even tho I do not watch a show that man stars in, he was such a delight to my daughter.  I attended the Goonies Cast reunion panel and was able to relieve my excitement of watching Data, Mike, and Mouth tell stories about the filming of one of my favorite movies ever.  Plus, we were able to attend a Zack Levi panel. and if you have never done that, you are truly missing out.  What a wonderful human being and a treasure to have at Megacon.

If the celebrities don't do it for you and you are into for the comics only, Megacon has you covered there, too.  Heavy hitters like Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder were there.  Plus, awesome writers such as Tom Taylor and Charles Soule were also there and all were willing to sign and chat with their fans.  Such a great chance and opportunity to meet with legends in the comics industry.


I joked a few years ago that Megacon could be called Vendor Con because the convention floor is so packed with vendors.  Again, that is not necessarily a knock.  The vendors allow you to find whatever it is you want in geek swag.  Whether t-shirts, lanyards, comics, or toys... on the floor, there will be someone selling what you are looking for.  Bring cash tho because the ATM's on site charge almost $4 per withdrawal and its easier to haggle with vendors with cash than with a credit card.


A great experience once again.  This year, I did get a hotel and stayed over Friday-Sunday and had a wonderful time with my family at Megacon.  It seems to get better and better each year and the moved up date off of Memorial Day Weekend was an added bonus.  Once again, thank you to the folks at Megacon for putting on such a wonderful event this year!!!

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Interview with Georges Jeanty

Got a chance to interview Georges Jeanty at Florida Supercon…. check out the interview below

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Interview with artist Adleso Corona

Got a chance to talk with artist Adleso Corona at Florida Supercon.  Check out the interview below and leave a comment!!

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Even Bad MCU Movies have some Good Parts

It’s easy to be a critic. The level of effort required to create something – anything – compared to the level of effort to criticize something is no comparison at all. I feel compelled to say this to make myself feel different from all the other a-hole trolls behind a keyboard (a-trolls? That could totally be a thing.). It’s from that sentiment that this piece emerges, sort of a corollary to the adage, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

At, we’ve dissected the MCU over an over. Praised and ripped, ranked and sorted. I think there are some truly great movies in the MCU. I think the majority of them are not great, but they are perfectly fine, enjoyable movies. We all have our favorites, but the bottom of the ranking is pretty consistent amongst us. There are movies that I don’t like and that doesn’t necessarily make them bad movies. I wanted to go back and find the goodness if I could.

My bottom four (in order of release to keep it simple) are The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Let’s get into it.

The Incredible Hulk – By the time Marvel’s The Avengers came around, Marvel Studios had figured out that despite being the strongest there is, the Hulk works way better as a supporting character than a lead. Without that lesson, we get another Hulk movie and we are still stuck with the not particularly likeable Betty Ross and the not at all appreciable Thunderbolt Ross. This time, we at least get a villain that appears in the comics in Abomination instead of a character that is kind of like a comic villain in the Absorbing Man-esque version of David Banner that we got in Hulk. There is a tease of the Leader that we have to accept that we will regrettably never see payoff. Of the four movies that I didn’t like, this is the one I didn’t have to re-watch to figure out something I liked. I distinctly remember, sitting in the theater and watching Emil Blonsky, after receiving his first injection of the discount Super Soldier Serum, sprinting across the battlefield, popping off some sweet acrobatics and staring down a threat way above his power level. Obviously that didn’t go well for Mr. Blonsky, but I remember sitting there thinking, “Holy shit, this is what it’s going to be like to see Captain America on the movie screen!” So for The Incredible Hulk, the thing I like is the ties to Captain America and our first glimpse of a Super Soldier in action.

Iron Man 3 – The third Iron Man movie is the seventh movie in the MCU. You cannot take away from what Robert Downey, Jr. did in Iron Man to set the stage. If that movie bombs, we have a DCU situation on our hands. But it didn’t. Iron Man 2 gets a lot of hate, but I put it in the perfectly fine category. Iron Man 3 though … not good. We get lots of Tony Stark out of the Iron Man armor. We get a kid sidekick. We get an A.I.M. reference with no real payoff. We get inaccuracies in the computer hacking scene with an Internet Protocol address displayed on screen that clearly violates every Internet Engineering Task Force standard. Ok, clearly that third one is not going to bother everybody. Anyway, it sure seems a lot more like this is the movie that Shane Black and RDJ wanted to make, comics be damned. The part that I liked may seem like a cop-out, but I really like the Mandarin. Mandarin is a Fu Manchu-esque villain that is inherently problematic in 2013. The shift to a more general terrorist theme is interesting enough before we get the swerve (wrestling term) that Trevor is a deeply flawed actor fronting for a much less interesting villain. Iron Man purists were probably pissed, but only if they are racists.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – We talk about the Batman Begins effect, where a passable movie seems that much better when it follows a truly terrible movie. I think there is definitely an Avengers effect, where a surprisingly great movie lends creative control to a filmmaker who neglects the lessons imparted by Uncle Ben Parker. If I have to elaborate that lesson, you clicked on the wrong link at some point. This one gets a dose of studio meddling that normally hits the end of a trilogy. We get a shaky CGI re-creation of the panoramic scene of Avengers assembling that seemed way more organic in Marvel’s The Avengers. We get a big F. U. to the Marvel Television Universe as Hydra gets squashed (wrestling term) despite being the big bad of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We get a poorly cast voice actor for Ultron. We get the totally surprising (sarcasm) death of Quicksilver. The whole farm sequence, which by most accounts was the major sticking point between the director and the studio, completely derails the character of Hawkeye. MCU Hawkeye sucks and it would have been better to just leave him out than to try and work him in at the end. There, I said it. You might think I would cite “Cap nudges Mjolnir” as the thing I liked, except the movie takes a dump on that when Vision tosses Mjolnir around like nothing. What I did like? The Hulkbuster sequence. I am not a huge Hulk or Iron Man fan – comics or movies – but that sequence was great. There are times when we get a comic book on screen. This was one of those times. “Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep.” That said … Hulk probably would have still one that fight.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. – Remember that discussion of the Avengers effect? I present to you, Exhibit B. I absolutely hate Baby Groot. The soundtrack is way worse, and I loved the soundtrack from the first one. The humor of Drax seems forced. Everybody goes through the same story arc with some form of Daddy Issues. A scene chewing villain is never the answer. (Side Brotha topic – I’m going to allow an exception for Cate Blanchett as Hela, and I can’t elaborate without committing text to the internet that I will come to regret). I didn’t like this movie when I saw it and when I re-watched it, I liked it even less, so much so that I am willing to consider this as the worst movie in the MCU. My initial thought of what I liked was the Sovereign: the supposedly perfect race that was so clearly flawed, they had me chuckling at a number of points. But … I think there are about six people credited as Sovereigns and the one person of color that is credited is the “Sovereign Chambermaid.” I may very well be wrong about the casting and crediting, but if the people of color are still subservient when everyone has gold skin, then there is still a problem in the galaxy. I kind of like the scene when Rocket springs a trap for the Ravagers. If you thought I would like the reference to the OG Guardians (which technically exist in a future not yet covered by the MCU), then you would be wrong. Casting Stallone to satisfy some Tango and Cash fetish and calling him Starhawk by giving him some shoulder pads when he looks way more like Major Victory which is the way worse incarnation of Vance Astro who has a storyline that is at least as complicated as Cable from the X Men … that earns you a STFU. So, what did I like? I guess the best way I can end this piece is to channel THE most electrifying man in sports entertainment: “It doesn’t matter what I like!”
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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Flack: Series Review

In the entertainment world, a flack is a public relations, or PR person who takes care of the day to day operations of a celebrity.  Much of that, is small potato activities that the famous are often too busy to deal with.  But, a flack also has to deal with the major situations celebrities often find themselves in they need to clean up and spin the public relations so the celebrity does not become a pariah and lose all the money and notoriety they have as a celebrity.

This PopTv show aired in the winter of 2018 and I just got a chance to finish the series.  I was drawn to it primarily because I am a huge fan of Anna Paquin and this vehicle is really a return to media after having a baby and some personal issues that I am sure her PR people needed to do with.

Paquin plays, PR Flack,  Robyn.  She is an American who lives in London and works for a PR firm that represents a wide variety of entertainers from actors, singers, and athletes.  The pilot opens with Robyn looking to clean up a mess by one of her clients; a closeted soccer player whose night on the town with a male prostitute almost turns tragic.  And word of the worlds most famous footballer being gay definitely is not news they want getting out.

Each episode( there are only 6), are named after the client who is the focus of the episode.  Each episode is some straight from the headlines of celebrity as Robyn and her team of Flacks are looking to clean up celebrity addictions, child porn, arranged marriages,  and even a sex tape; with an interesting spin.  In a new world of celebrity where fans and haters alike are equipped with camera phones and videos, it makes it increasingly difficult for Flacks to control the narrative and wag the dog for their clients.

The underlying B-plot for the series is Robyn and the life she has built in London.  She has followed her sister, Ruth, to London.  Ruth has a husband two kids who are dealing with the challenges that presents.  Additionally, the sisters reason for being in London is tied to their mother and her suicide.  This incident has left Robyn damaged and besides throwing herself into her job with zest, she also has a major drug issue with cocaine.  And on top of that, her relationship with her live in boyfriend seems idyllic, but there are secrets that look to pull them apart in a moment.

Overall, the series is well written and well acted.  There are some preachy moments here and there, but it does not take away from the overall quality of the show. Pacquin does a great job of playing a trouble character who is still relatable, but also makes you wonder. "Girl, what is you doing"?

I am not sure if the show is going to have a season 2.  It ends on a cliffhanger and there has not been word if the series will be picked up for another season.  But these six episodes are quality television and is worth the binge if you have the time.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Black Cat #1 Review

Creative Team Jed MCken and Rachel Foreman

One of the most underrated aspects of Spider-Man is his varied rogue gallery and love life.  Yes for every Hobgoblin, there is a Rocket Racer, but on the whole, his rogue gallery is mixed with powerful, credible threats, alongside some fairly ridiculous villains.  Yet, our friend Peter Parker, also has a great romance side, too; bar far greater than any mainstream superhero save for maybe Batman/Bruce Wayne.  And much like Gotham's Dark Knight, Peter often mixes business with pleasure with some of his lady companions.

The Black Cat, AKA Felicia Hardy, has been around for close to 40 years now and in that time she has been both an ally and nemesis to Peter Parker/Spider-Man; along with often times being a love interest to our hero.  Much like Catwoman in Batman's world, Black Cat's history is tied to being a thief, which over time has created conflict and romance with Spider-Man.  In fact, in an early story, she was truly in love with Spider-Man and couldn't give a damn about who was underneath that mask.

In more recent years, Felicia Hardy has gone back to a life of crime, much to the chagrin of Peter Parker.  With Kingpin, now the mayor of NYC, Black Cat has risen the ranks in the crime syndicate in New York and has been a major pain in the side of both criminals and heroes in the city.

This new series, by Jed McKay and Travel Forman, starts of at the Frick Jewelry and Art collection in New York City, as Felcia Hardy makes her way in.  The story is told in plot boxes, initially, to give us an insight into the ways of the cat.  Forman draws Hardy in an old school style and much of the over sexualization of the character is thankfully stripped away.  Often times, as much as I enjoy it, Black Cat is drawn in such a sexualized way, its easy to focus on the boobs instead of the character, and initially that is not done here.

Inside the security team, recognizes Hardy and the head of security goes into panic mode as he knows if the Black Cat is here, something is afoul.  Plus, the catering crew for the event has been replaced last minute and that is a major red flag.

As Felicia makes her way around the gallery, she interacts with the leader of the Thieves Guild and their banter is fun and serious all at once. Everyone tho knows something is up if Felicia Hardy is here and sure enough, as security asks her to leave, her team makes their move to steal a valuable piece of art from the gallery.

The book does a great job of fleshing out her team and in turn, telling a standard cat and mouse story as the Thieves Guild moves in to attack her.  Twists and turns, ninja's, and backstory all mixed into a few action packed pages filled with plot and substance.  This first issue gives you the feel of comics of yesteryear that were not all splash pages and action shots.  We get to see Black Cat at her finest, enjoying the moment, along with using her "powers" to help make her escape.

The book concludes, as our "heroes" celebrate their successful job at their hideout.  Yet someone crashes the party and who could possibly sneak up on the Black Cat?  I will not spoil the ending, but I will say that this is a fun book with a character whose back story outside of Spider-Man should be more fleshed out.  I really enjoyed the aspect of not over sexualizing the character and giving equal time to how smart and clever she is, while also being a bad ass.  Fun book overall.  I am sure this will have a short run, tho.  Grab and read it while you can!

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