Friday, May 29, 2015


10.  MAN APE- Manape.png

Put Shaq in a White Monkey suit. Have him work for/ with a  proud  Racist Bigot (Grim Reaper). No more Grape Kool-Aid for you

9.The Skater BOYZ aka Rocket Racer/Black Racer

rocket racer vs black racer
Just Damn-  Who inspired Jack Kirby to come up with Black Racer ?  This guy is some type of God  who travels the cosmos  putting the stink finger on people with a pair of skis? I am no fan of the New Gods as a whole except for Darkseid.

Rocket Racer is awful. This dude used his genius to create a motorized skateboard to support 6 brothers and sisters. If he would have sold that idea to some toy company back in the day, he would have been bigger than
the Rubik's Cube.


If this character was created today, DC would have the NAACP and Sharpton at the front door. This cat was a walking inter dimensional portal but he had to eat tons of materials everyday to keep it  working. Fat Albert eats H.G. Wells 

7.Hammer and Anvil

The Not so Ambiguously G.A.Y. Duo. The Scourge did the comic world a great service by removing them.

6. Brother Voodoo Brother Voodoo

Take every stereotype about Voodoo and you have this character. He has bare feet and ruffles on his pants. Where is Wyclef ?

5. John Stewart Black Green Lantern

Green Lantern Jon Stewart by Fastfood

Angry ex Marine is the "b(l)ack up dude to Hal Jordan. The JLA had 2 Aliens  on the team, but putting the black guy on there represented Diversity. Was it me or did the character on the Justice League TV  show spend a lot of time getting his ass kicked or cuckhold by Hawkgirl?

4.Black Manta

Black Manta from Young justice

I didn't know he was black until the 1990's. A cool name but the character was lame until he started killing Aquababy. Then he received Aquaman's complete hate.

3. Black Goliath - The comic equivalent to Greg Oden. A big bad bust. My Third grade teacher caught me reading comics in class and took them away. One of them was Black Goliath #5. She kept the other two but gave back BG 5 as punishment.


 I'm sure there is a cute story about how this character was created. He could run 100 miles per hour. He taught Captain America how to Cupid Shuffle. Say it with me people...............Damn

1.The Falcon -Sam Wilson


The Falcon, the first African-American superhero in mainstream comic books,[1] first appeared in Captain America #117 (Sept. 1969

Name 20 heroes you would like to be? Is the Falcon one of them? Hell No. He sucks. He was a reserve member of the Avengers. His alter Ego was "Snap" Wilson, angry black male into street life. The Red Skull uses the second most powerful thing in the Universe to provide this brother the special ability to mind meld with Redwing. What  thoughts do they share?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Do we really want a Gambit movie?

Do we really need a Gambit movie?

Gambit is one of my favorite X-Men characters. From his first appearcne  Uncanny Xmen 266( which I own), he breathed some much needed life into the Xmen books.  He had a mysteruous background and tons of swagger!  He instantly became the coolest Xman!

The romance between he and Rogue was electric!  That will they wont they stuff played out for a while and to me, never got old.

And because of his shady backstory, they were able to allude that he was "the  traitor" in the Onslaught storyline. 

With all that being said, we don't need a Gambit movie!  The glimpse we got in that Gawd awful Wolverine:  Origins was great! I thought Tim Riggins ( Friday Night Lights reference) played him well. The character should show up in the X Men movies but not as a solo character.  In fact, I am not sure ANY X Men character, besides Wolverine,  can or should be in a solo movie!

-The Producer

X Men the Animated Series

You are big fan of this show? I was a huge fan!  This was probably one of the first times my roommates in college might have realized I may be a geek.  X Men and SpiderMan came on at 10:00 and 10:30 on Saturday mornings and my roommates had better not be in the tv room or with some girl because that tv was going on for that hour for real. I dont care how tired or hung over you were, yo ass was watching them shows and had better be quite too streams all 5 seasons so get over there and rewatch
You;re welcome!

XMen the Animated Series

-The Producer

DC Original Movie

Attack of the Legion of Doom

So DC makes another Lego DC movie and to be honest with you, they are better than their cinema movies sometimes.  I'm kinda kidding.  Look DC animation is FAR superior to Marvel.  Their straight to DVD movies are well done and I will always get them on Redbox when they come out and I own quite a few of them already.  Now if they could only get their real life movies up to their animation standards...

-The Producer

Whose your favorite Joker?

All those leaks from Suicide Squad are not helping my feeling that Jared leto is going to drop the ball of the Joker mantle.  I kinda feel they maybe should have left the character die with Legder
Ima Heath Ledger guy, personally

All upcoming Superhero Movies

So this is the comic book movie map for the next 4years!
What movie or movies are you most looking forward to?
Which ones are you like Ninja please?
I'm looking forward to Civil War and Age of Apocalypse! I got
Side eye looks for some of these Movies! DC  need to prove they can make a successful non-Nolan Comic book movie!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fear of a Black Human Torch

Are you really THAT bothered by a Black Human Torch?

Michael B Jordan recently went on the offensive about him being cast as Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot. When the casting was announced a few months back, it kinda broke Twitter with this being some of the typical reactions to the news

New cast of #FantasticFour reboot sucks! Human Torch is now black for some PC reason. Stick to the source material and stop the nonsense!
-- Frank Giummo (@FGiummo) February 20, 2014

Seriously, you cast a black dude to play the human torch in the reboot. That's so not right!! (Not being racist, no offense) 
-- MarchaelTan? ? (@marchael_tan17) February 20, 2014
The new cast of Fantastic Four. Not sure if im ok with it. Not to be racist buutt Human Torch isn't black. from what i know at least.

If it's okay for a black guy to play Human Torch in the F4 reboot then I guess it's okay for a white guy to play Black Panther, right?

These are some of the more tame expressions people had with their dissatisfaction with the casting.

Word?  It’s that serious? Oh the next thing you will be telling me is Santa Clause can only be white too!

When I was little, I was always interested in the FF, especially the Human Torch.   My cousin Lea, visiting from Detroit bought me one of my first comics.  It was FF 176 w-where the FF fought against Impossible Man. And even though I was only six years old and I could barely read, I was fascinated by the characters and their powers- especially the Human Torch.  This was Marvel's First Family and the book always had a playful, but serious tone to it. I was always drawn towards the Human Torch because his powers looked so cool in the book.  I mean," Flame on!" was like my catchphrase when I was kid and I was just drawn to the character from a very early age.

The FF were everywhere when I was a kid growing up! There were reruns of the 1960’s version of the Fantastic Four cartoon that we watched that had all four characters and plots and storylines taken from the comics.  Looking back at it, the animation was awful and the voices were comical but, it was the 4 and I was there for that!

Then in the 80’s, another cartoon version was made that was not terrible but it eliminated the Human Torch  because parents were worried ( and rightfully so ) that their children would try to light themselves on fire and jump off the roof to try and fly( I probably would’ve tried that).Actually, there is rumor that there was a Human Torch movie that was going to be made and Marvel had optioned his rights away( typical Mavel)!  So the cartoon eliminated the Human Torch and added probably the most despised character ever in FF lore called HERBIE the Robot in the place of the Human Torch.

As I became a teenager and began to read the books,  John Byrne, who had recently left his run on Uncanny X Men, had begun writing and drawing the book and it’s one of the best runs on  FF.  And in those Byrne books, it’s really hard to not like Johnny Storm/Human Torch.  Byrne gave Johnny a life outside of the team and had him mature as a character.  Johnny got this happening night life and began dating super models, his love for racing cars was fully developed and he became a much more interesting character during Byrnes five year run.  

 Honestly, those are the most interesting things I remember about Byrne’s  Johnny Storm/Human Torch- none of which are based upon him being white.  In the books, Johnny like cars, dates supermodels, plays tricks on people, is a smart ass, and  doesn’t like to follow rules and has problems with authority.  These are not white exclusive characteristics.  People make the comment about in this new movie, they are brother and sister but one is white and one is black.  White families adopt children of color all the time.  Its clearly stated in the lead up to the movie that Sue is adopted so how is this a big deal?

So why is this so personal for some people? The Fantastic Four have been around for over 50 years.  There have been some legendary runs on the book by some of the most creative artists and writers in the Marvel Universe. But it’s been 50 years!  Things have changed a lot in the past 50 years if you haven’t noticed.  Shouldn’t the books be more reflective of the times that we live in? Plus, this new movie is not based upon the 50 years of the FF history.   The filmmakers  are making several tweaks to their origin story but people seemed to only be focused on black Johnny Storm.  As if Johnny being white will make the movie good automatically! Well.... 

Johnny Storm was white in this FF movie? Did you like this one?

Captain America stayed white in this! Did you like this movie?

Hulk VS Thor! Gonna be a classic( how'd that turn out?)
Hulk stayed green tho!

And with this movie coming out,  people are most concerned about Human Torch being black?  And in case you forgot, The Human Torch was white in the last two cinematic versions of the FF.  Did that help these movies in any way?  No!  They are just awful movies-and not just because of the actors ( and not because of the Hispanic Sue Storm either- I SEE HOW YOU THINK)! They are bad movies because there was bad writing, bad dialogue, bad directing( sorry Tim Story), and bad special effects.  And to top that off, they doubled down and made FF 2 which was doubly bad and turned Galactus into a cloud, the Silver Surfer into a wimp, and turned the Human Torch into a Super Skrull?!

 These two piece of shit movies almost killed the franchise and they had white Johnny Storm/Human Torch.  Yet now because Johnny is black , somehow the movie is doomed( pun intended)?  Alicia Masters was played by a black woman in the first two FF movies. I thought, “That’s an interesting choice.”  The most interesting things( pun intended) about her is that she is blind, that she loved the Thing, and her dad is the Puppet Master.  Her being black had no effect whatsoever on the character.  Was there really someone out there like, “she should be white” or “why is her hair not red?”   Word? You worried about that?  Did that really get in the way of you enjoying the movie? If it did, you probably are a racist( no matter how many times you say, "not to be racist")  and I’m not sure how you live and work in the society today.  The world is changing and you are still worried about a fictional characters race?

I'm sure Obama will somehow get blamed for black Johnny Storm!

So with all due respect, get over it,man!  Be worried if it’s a good movie!  If the first two FF movies taught us anything is that Fox has no idea what to do with the movie property they own.  Is it action? Is it a comedy? Is it a mix of both?  They had  a chance to showcase Marvels First Family and they blew it. Now they push restart on their franchise and attempt to  distance themselves as far away as they can from the first two movies( as they should).   This movie may be great or it may be as bad, if not worse, than the previous two;  but it won’t be because of the Black Human Torch!

-The Producer

Who asked for a League reboot?

Female Perspective here....
I saw this today at Variety and I about lost my mind!

League reboot

Who thought this remake was a good idea?  Granted, the first one could have been much better.   I did enjoy some of the special effects and the characters from the first movie, including Sean Connery as Allan Quarterman,  in one of his last roles before he retired.  However, it is only 12 years old and should have a little longer shelf life before it gets rebooted.   Hollywood has really become desperate and unoriginal, to the point where they don't care what they remake.  Is there really a need for this?

-The Female Perspective

Indepedence Day Remake is a HUGE MISTAKE!

Independence Day and Bad Boys made Will Smith a movie star.  If you go back and watch Independence Day, its a bad movie. I mean really bad!  Will saves that movie from being parodied on Mystery Science Theater.
This is a very bad idea!
No Will- NO Go

-The Producer

XMen Age of Apocolpyse Promo Art

This leaked from Pepsi and shows promotional art from the upcoming movie.  You can see Cyclops clearly but if you look down to the right, there is Jean Grey.  The world looks pretty jacked up- maybe Apocalypse rules like he did in the comic.  Brian Singer + XMen = Good movie so I am looking forward to this!

Thanks to our friends @comicbookmovies

-The Producer

Avengers 2 crosses 1 Billion in Box Office

Avengers 2 crossed over 1 billion dollars in earning this past weekend at the global box offices.  Its domestic total is a little over $400 million dollars after about a month of release here in the states.  I have stated before that I felt this movie was not great at all(  I will have more to say when we drop our first podcast) and its not even going to come close to reaching the box office numbers of the original movie- which is by far the more superior of the two.

-The Producer

Good morning my Nerd Nizzles

Fresh start to the day and more set leaks from Suicide Squad! With the lockdown that comes with most super hero movies, I am not sure if this is refreshing or disturbing? I feel I have seen much of the movie already!  Today Batman is continuing his chase of the Joker but now he is on Joker's ride.  Enjoy the video courtesy of our friends @comicbookmovies

-The Producer

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lego Batman 3

So my son has this game and my daughter plays with him from time to time.  To unlock secret characters, you have to complete levels AND collect studs( points) to buy the character. My daughter wanted Super Girl for the longest and my son would not use his studs( points) to buy her. So I just spent the last hour earning 350,00 studs to get her!

-The Producer

X-Men: Age of Apocolypse Update

Our friends over at have updated with some information from the instagram feed of director Brian Singer

Brian Singer updates X Men

Singer confirms Morlocks and Caliban for X-Men: Age of Apocalypse.  Caliban, if you don't know, was a very meek, skinny, bitch like Morlock but feel into the hands of Apocalypse and became a bad ass and eventually one of his 4 Horsemen.  Be interesting to see how this plays out in the movie.

Be sure to follow Singer on Twitter for updates!  Brian Singer Twitter

-The Producer

Joker rollin' in his whip!

Our friends over at USAToday have some exclusive video and pictures from the shooting of Suicide Squad.  It looks like the Bat-Mobile did NOT lose its wheel but I am not sure if the Joker got away!
Batman has to be in this movie somehow.  There is NO WAY you can make a movie about villains without a hero!  But will we see Batman? Is it BatFleck?  Click the link to see the whole video!

Joker Rollin'

And FYI, the leaks on this movie make me think they are doing it on purpose to judge geek/nerd reaction to this whole thing!  This has a leak a day and you cannot get word out on the Superman/Batman movie!

-The Producer


Thanks to our friends over @wearewakanda.... This image posted on line today from the set of Captain America: Civil War and it almost broke black nerd/geek Twitter!

This shit looks like the shanty town at the end of Bad Boys 2

The thinking was this was Wakanda- the super technologically advanced empire represented in the comics.  Black Twitter about lost its mind but word on the street is that this is a scene shot in some other African country- Not Wakanda!

I've already posted one rioting video today.  If Marvel pulled this shit, you may catch ME doing some rioting!

-The Producer

Everybody Hates Spider Man?

Walking Dead actor has read for Spider Man?

Miles Morales: Is this our Miles Morales?

Walking Dead Actor Tyler James Williams admits that he has read for Marvel for the role of Spider- Man.  The new restart of Spider Man, under the banner of MCU has been very clear that they are going back to high school- with Peter Parker?  Could they possibly cast a black Peter Parker? I guess this would be Uncle Ben and Aunt May?

 Unlike, Donald Glover, who actively campaigned for the role, TJW said he is not going to do that.

Side brotha note- If certain people were upset by Michael B Jordan getting the role of Human Torch/Johnny Storm.... this is my prediction if they cast a black Peter Parker!

-The Producer

Behind the Scenes: Suicide Squad

Man we been Marvel heavy since we started this- I blame Big Hutch for that and his DC bias!
But we have some behind the scenes pics from Suicide Squad- A first in the superhero genre where the stars are not the heroes, its the villains.  I have major concerns with this movie-Its seems way overloaded with B and C level villains but also I am worried that people wont want to cheer for the villains. And DC has a hard enough time selling their heroes right now. It will be interesting to see how this turns out-  The Female Perspective, AKA BIG SONGEE

Suicide Squad- Behind the Scenes
Looking for his son Static Shock?

Harley Quinn

Killer Croc

Behind the Scenes: Captain America Civil War

Some great BTS pictures from Captain America. I am beginning to have some concerns about this movie being an Avengers Lite.  Hopefully the focus stays on the main character and does not become overrun with heroes and villians like Avengers: Age of Ultron

Behind the Scenes of Civil War

Monday, May 25, 2015

Big Hutch AKA Brotha # 1 Geek/Nerd Bio

Geek/Nerd Bio

I have been around for 6 decades.  Wore green for the military.  Make mine Marvel until 87, then The Dark Knight Returns and The Watchman arrived on the scene.  Funky Flashman sold out to the mouse.   Top Five - Kraven's Last Hunt, Days of Future's Past, Kingdom Come, The Watchman and The Dark Knight Returns. Favorite Villain is The Spinx from Nova/Fantastic Four/New Warriors. John Bryne and Chris Claremont are my two favorite story tellers.

Which do you prefer?

The Quicksilver character is in both Avengers: Age of Ultron and in X Men: Days of Future Past.  To me, the character was much better in X-Men.  The acting was better, the power display was much better and to be perfectly honest, the movie on a whole is better!  Avengers Quiksilver was not there long enough to make a difference in the movie and added nothing but another hero to an already overloaded superhero movie.
I know Female Perspective may have a comment about this.

Anyone actually looking forward to this?

Ant Man production stills

Marvel released stills from the upcoming  Ant Man movie! I'm going to see this movie but I have no expectations that it's going to be any good!

Channing Tatum Talks Gambit ( this wont make Female Perspective happy!)

Channing Tatum talks Gambit
Gambit is one of my favorite X characters and I actually liked the portrayl of the characters and his powers in Wolverine Origins( about the only good thing in that crappy movie)! I am not a Channing Tatum fan and non Brian Singer X-Movies tend to suck so good luck with that Fox!
-The Producer

Looking forward to Deadpool... Too bad my 10 year old wont be able to see it!

Deadpool is one of my favorite characters.  My son likes him too based on some cartoon movies he has seen.  This trailer has been out for a while but there is no way I can let me son see that movie.  People might called child protective services!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I see you Marvel!

Pac Man Fever

Pac- Man Fever

Google Pac Man

You hit that Google audio file and you hear that theme music, you automatically know what game you are about to play. In continuing a theme about events that happened 35 years ago, Pac Man came out this month 35 years ago.  Pac Man still influences culture today.  There was a newer version of that crappy cartoon, the internet is full of emulators and smart phones have the Pac Man app.  Even Budweiser used the game for their Up for whatever campaign Super Bowl ad-

And even the new Adam Sandler movie, which is sure to be awful because it’s an Adam Sandler movie, Pixels features Pac- Man prominently in the trailer-

35 years later the game and its influence is still going strong!

Another Free Pac- Man emulator Click here!

I know by placing this on line emulator there, some of you are not going to read the rest of this blog post.  For those of you pushing on, and if you are of a certain age, you probably had Pac Man fever like I did in the 80’.s  I am all about Salt Life now in my 40;s, but  I was all about that Pac-Life in the 80;s.  There were many Saturday’s that I woke up on my Pac Man sheets,  wearing my Pac- Man PJ’s, and ran downstairs to  pour a bowl of nasty Pac- Man cereal and watch the original, wack-ass Pac- Man cartoon. I had Pac- Man Fever!

As for the game, Big Hutch and I had the Atari 1600 game, The Atari 400 version, the held hand Pac Man game…. All my Pac Man needs were covered… at home.  Side brotha note… Pac Man fever was so bad, a kid in my hood wanted to fight me when I didn’t let him play my hand held Pac Man game.  Like fight me fight me! He had that fever, son!

The thing is, as much as I loved Pac- Man, I sucked at playing the game.  Like really sucked!  For some of you younger brotha's,  who may not know the Pac- Man levels, the game starts you out at one level and continues on essentially just getting faster each level up and becomes a test of speed, endurance, and your joy stick skills.   Level 1 is Cherry, Level 2 is Strawberry, and level 3 is Orange

And it goes all the way up to a Key Level and it just begins repeating the key level until you die or until you get to 255 Keys which is some crazy, video game record/myth type shit and the game has a crazy kill screen at the end!

 So back in the day, there used to be these places called ‘arcades” where a young brotha could go, take his quarters from collecting glass bottles and cans in the streets and play video games.  Now in the arcade, Pac Man was always busy.  Whether it was some brotha  playing the game and getting to Key level(s) or crowds of brotha’s watching said brotha play the game .  Side brotha note- the dude in our hood that could play the hell out of some Pac Man was Jeff Hallett.  Jeff was so good at Pac Man , we kinda marveled at his ability to play.  Jeff could routinely get to Key 
Levels on 1 quarter.  But I digress!   
How come no brotha;s in this arcade?

So whenever I got my chance to play, I was nervous and was subsequently eaten by ghosts maybe on Strawberry. Maybe.   And I would subsequently get clowned by all my friends for wasting my quarter to lose on Strawberry.  So I did what any reasonable, 10 year old would do, I cheated.  Yep I bought the Pac Man” Figure this shit out cheat book”  that would teach you the pattern for Pac Man to beat the game.  I bought it for a dollar at Wilkes Magazines and studied that shit like it was the SAT.  The next time, I played Pac Man, not only was I gonna pass strawberry- I was looking at like 5 or 10 key level, baby! I was ready.

Except, I still sucked!  The patterns was all tricky and, not being that bright at 10, I could not figure out which way to go all the time and then I got nervous with people watching me,  and then I got eaten.  And then I got clowned.  And then I just kinda faded away from Pac-Man.  It’s not that I didn’t like the game, or my PJ’s, or my sheets , or the cereal( well the cereal actually was terrible), I just was never good at it.  Now I have the game on my Ps2 and the kids and I do Old School Gaming night once a month.  I’m still bad at it!  My son can make it to like Apple and I’m still getting eaten by ghosts on Strawberry.  It’s an embarrassment that I have dealt with for 35 years and I just gotta accept… I love Pac Man but I suck at playing it!

-The Producer

Props to you if you finished and didn’t just stop and play the simulator.