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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Review


On August 28, 2020, I remember exactly where I was.  I was sitting on my coach with my entire family watching tv when a text game through from Brothascomics contributor, the Sandman.  It was an RIP Chadwick text.  And seeing it made my heart skip a beat and I replied back, what?  And then Sandman sent the link that Chadwick Boseman had died and I could not believe it.  This young, talented actor who seemed to have the world at his feet was gone.  Taken from us, his family, and this world far too soon. At no point in time that day did I think, "what's going to happen with Black Panther 2".  I was just devastated that this man was gone and attempting to process his death in the moment.

As the days, weeks, and months passed, Marvel made their annoucement that they were not going to recast T'Challa, setting off praise and criticism from those in favor and for those against this news.  All the while, it seemed like the silence coming from the director said it all.  If he did not want to make this movie with a new actor and Marvel/Disney supported that, why are we not trusting the director who was not only a creative force behind the movie, but also a friend to the fallen actor.

Movies and tv shows have had to deal with people dying unexpectedly often during filming but I would argue that none of them held the cultural and emotional weight that Boseman had by being T'Challa and being our Black Panther.  The idea of just casting another person in that role, so soon after his death seemed odd to me.  This is not Rhodey being replaced or a new Lionel on The Jeffersons.  This was an actor who was so tied to and beloved in this role- no actor at that time was going to be able to fill his shoes.  This #recastt'challa movement was bore out of grief and frustration by the lack of Black heroes and I understand that.  However, it seemed very clear that Coogler and the cast of Black Panther wanted to use this film to honor their friend and share their grief through the art Boseman so clearly loved.

And Black Panther 2 is a love story in grief as the cast, the characters, and we, the viewer get to ride the emotions of Life after T'Challa and Chadwick Boseman.  This review will be spoiler free for the most part- with the exception of the death of T'Challa.  If you do not want to hear this part, please skip ahead

The movie opens cold on a black screen with only a Shuri voice over.  Black Panther dies off screen. He has contracted a mysterious illness, much like how we did not know Chadwick was sick, and he dies.  The nation of Wakanda mourns its lost King and the auidence does too.  The plot of the movie centers around the nations across the world still wanting to get access to vibranum to use it for nefarious purposes and the Wakandan's stopping them.  This leads to our introduction of Riri Williams, AKA Iron Heart to the MCU, played excellently  by Dominique Thorne.

But what happens when vibranium is found outside of Wakanda?  The search for that vibranium leads us to the introduction of Namor and his underwater kingdom, Talokan, and a slight comic book history turn that vibranium can be found in the waters of the world.  But Namor is hell bent on making sure those people do not look to destroy his oceans or his kingdom in their search for it.

This leads to conflict with the Wakandan's and an all out war between the two nations.  The fighting sequences are fine enough with the Dora Milaje; although seeing blue people after watching the trailer for Avatar and more blue people was kinda weird.  Namor is great.  He plays a villian with a purpose and he faciliates between charming and terrifying- with you never knowing which version will show up at what time.

The movie cluminates with a battle between the two nations and between Namor and Black Panther.  If you have seen the trailers or read a comic book,  it should be pretty obvious who assumes the mantle of Black Panther.

Overall the movie is well done.  The movie is extra long tho and there are times when you will check your watch or want to run and go pee, but overall the movie is as about a good a movie as you could make given the cicurmstances.  Well acted, better CGI than the first movie, lots of tears, and both a hero and villian you can root for.  There is only one post credit scene and I feel people will either love it or loathe it.

Highly recommended.  I will be interested to see what other fan boys think.  I can kinda feel the mysigony building around certain reviews and that will be disappointing but not surprsing.

Check it out and let me know what you thought!


Trailers Before Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


My Black Panther review will be upcoming... but  here are the trailers that rolled before the movie


If you know me, I do not mess with horror movies... at all.  Add in a creepy ass doll that looks human.

The hardest of all passes but I will def read the reviews from the horror folks who like this stuff

John Wick 4

I have actually never seen any of these John Wick movies.  I am not a huge fan of violence or Keanu to be honest.  But this franchise, much like the Fast and the Furious, just keeps chuging out movies and has such an established fan base, I can imagine these will be around as long as Keanu draws breath( much to the chagrin of Matthew Perry)


People hate Chris Pratt so much that they were upset that he is the voice of Mario more than the fact that they made a Mario movie.  Look, I have played my fair share of Mario games but we do not need a Mario movie no matter who is the damn voice.  Like we cannot be that hard up for entertainment at this point.  Hard pass

Shazam 2

My daughter and I went together to see the first Shazam and I thought... man, this movie would've been great for my son who would have been around 14 at the time.  And the reason I say that is because it clearly was appealing to young fans who often get closed out of super hero movies nowadays. Shazam 2 looks to still follow that path but I hope it has a bit more maturity to it.  We love Zack Levy in this house so I will def give this another shot; although the villians look super shaky in this one

Ant Man and Wasp: Quantumania

I am looking forward to this.  Its probably mostly for Kang as he has been clearly set up for big things moving forward with movies.  Underrated, but the Ant-Man triology is one of the best MCU/Comic Book movie trilogies( if this one is good).  Can't wait until Feb 2023

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She Hulk Recap


The Marvel Hacks: Thunderbolts recap


Red Hood Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Iron Man cosplay @dragoncon2022


Scarlet Witch Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Doug Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Star Trek Cosplay


Count Dooku Cosplay


Interview With Dietrich Smith


Storm Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Psylocke and SpiderGwen Cosplay


Moprheus Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Arthur Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Scarlett Witch @dragoncon2022


House of the Dragon recap: episodes 3 and 4


Mark Bagley Interview @dragoncon2022


Rogue Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Punk Rock Storm Cosplay @dragoncon 2022


Olaf Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Sheriff Bart Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Chuck Brown Interview @Dragoncon 2022


My interview with Chuck Brown where talk Bitter Root and the process of taking it from comic book to the big screen

Dragoncon Hotel Patter explanation


Wolverine/Laura/X-23 Cosplay @dragoncon2022


What We missed in Wrestling: SummerSlam 1989


We look at SummerSlam 1989.  Hulk Hogan is awful and we get Zeus from the movie into the ring... which no one asked for

What We Missed in Wrestling: Halloween Havoc 1989 Part 1


We recap Halloween Havoc from 1989.  This is part 1 of 2

What We Missed in Wrestling: Halloween Havoc 1989- Part 2


Part 2 of our recap of Halloween Havoc from 1989

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We continue our recap of House of the Dragon's with episode 5

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DragonCon 2022: Celebrating Black Cosplay Part 3


Some interviews with a couple of creators who have projects coming out!  Be sure to watch and subscribe!!

Dietrich O Smith talks his projects upcoming

Chuck Brown talks Bitter Root movie adaptation

If you ever wanted to know the story of the DragconCon hotel pattern?

We got you!!

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A Celebration of Black Cosplay and Black Creators at DragonCon 2022 Part 1


For the 4th year in a row, Brothascomics was blessed to cover DragonCon in Atlanta.  This is our "Home" Con after spending over 10 years living in Atlanta and coming back every year allows me to reconnect with my real family and my Dragoncon family.

This year we celebrate Black Cosplay and some creators who have major Projects coming out.  Plus we delve into the history of the most famous pattern at DragonCon.  Enjoy the interviews and be sure to follow and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

Ahead of Captain America: New World Order, we have a great Sam Wilson here!

Damian is reppin' the Red Hood

How about a gender bent Scarlett Witch

Pubk Rock Storm is here to slay #dragoncon

Sheriff Bart is reppin in the Hilton 

Count Dooku is in the house 

Morpheus is practicing Covid safety 

Psylocke and Spider Gwen

Doug all grown up

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DragonCon Cosplay 2022


Dragoncon 2022 had some incredible cosplayers and I was lucky to Interview a few of them for Brothascomics.  Enjoy and let me know who is your favorite in the comments

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Marvel Princesses at DragonCon 2022


These ladies rocked the Marvel Princesses at DragonCon 2022

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Logan/Wolverine Cosplay

 This man is killing this Wolverine/Logan Cosplay @dragoncon2022

And in the process making all us other old men look bad

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Sam Wilson: Captain America Cosplay @dragoncon 2022


Sam Wilson Cosplay @dragoncon

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Trailers Before Dr Strange


Bringing this back now as the movie theaters are open up again and we've been heading out again. These are the trailers that played before Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

Trailer 1: Minions: The Rise of Gru

My kids grew up on the OG Despicable Me and the sequel.  As they got older, we been out of that game and didn't see part 3 or the Minion only movie.  Trailer looks cute but I think we have mined the entirety of the Minions for me and my crew.   Probably wont see that one.

Trailer 2: Bullet Train

Cards on the table... I do not like Brad Pitt.  Never have. I don't know why but I just cannot deal with this dude.  All that said, I might actually see this.  Trailer looked pretty awesome and the supporting cast outside of him, I really like.  Probably will see but not in the movie theater

Trailer 3: Lightyear

Ok Tim Allen can go all the way to hell.  But when I heard he was not doing the voice in this, that made me feel a little bit better about this.  I kinda hate prequels and honestly, the Toy Story franchise as a whole is one of my all time favorites.  Looks fun. Pixar and Disney know what they are doing with Toy Story stuff.  Will see, but wait until Disney Plus

Trailer 4: Avatar 2

I did not see the OG Avatar in the movie theater.  I saw it on DVD. In my house.  So I definitely did not get the spectacle of the movie being seen on the big screen.  But when I did finally see it, I have no idea what people were screaming about.  That movie sucks.  Its awful. Its long.  Its a Ferngully rip off.

Will never see.  Ever

Trailer 5: Thor: Love and Thunder

I know some people love Ragnarock and some people hate it.  I kinda fall in the middle.  I liked the comedy a little bit but it was also way over the top as well.  Bring back director Taika Waititi ensures that we are going to get more of it.... plus adding Guardians crew to the movie.  I am wary about it, but we are getting Jane Foster as Thor and I am excited about that.  

Will see, but probably on Disney Plus

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