Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stop trying to make Superman more human

When I was a kid and my dad would show me those serials Superman shows from the 50's on his old school film projector, I was always fascinated by the power of Superman.  You know, faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive.... I always loved it when the bad guy would empty all the bullets out of his gun at and then throw the actual gun at Superman as if that was gonna hurt him.

Later, when the Superman movies came out in the 70's and 80's( we are only going to acknowledge the first 2), it was awesome to see his full powers on display with flight, x-ray vision, freeze breath, etc. And as much as I hate it, he even turned back time to save Lois at the end of Superman 1.

Yet after the last two movies failed, DC seemed to be over powerful Kal El.  It seemed to me they felt he was too powerful and people could not relate to him and when he does reappear on the small screen, the focus has shifted from Kal El to Clark in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Not that the show was terrible, but even tho we get Superman in the show, the focus was primarily on Clark( and Lois) and all the relationship and work foibles that occur between him being Superman.  DC doubles down on that a few years later when it debuts Smallville which totally focuses on Clark and Superman is an afterthought of the series which is alluded to more than seen.  Smallville focuses on his life as a teenager and all the teenage angst that is associated with being a teenager.  Now Smallville was a great show, I am not denying that, but it continued DC's focus on Clark over Kal El.

When we finally do get Superman back on the big screen with Superman Returns its an overly emotional Kal El whose powers are on full display, but he is burdened with all these real world problems- his girl got a baby and is engaged to some other dude and the parentage of said kid is in doubt.... They got Kal on some Maury Povich type shit!

Now even tho DC has been giving Superman a forum to shine as one of their biggest heroes, their handling of Superman recently borders on shameful.  Superman has generally always been a symbol of hope for the DC universe. He represents what we all can achieve and someone to believe in yet -DC has attempted to turn him into Batman with superpowers.  In Man of Steel,  they tinkered with his backstory, killed off Pa Kent, and had him kill off Zod... all of this was done to create this tortured, emotional version of Superman- who seems to have very little hope.  It's why he appears joyless in Batman V Superman  because he doesn't have anything to be happy about.  DC has created a cinema world where Superman is feared instead of loved by the populace.  Superman has become Charlie Brown in DCU with various people playing Lucy and pulling the ball away from him.  Its no wonder this Superman doesn't crack and go full Justice Lords and fulfill the destiny Luther predicted in JLU and begin his own brand of Justice in a world that already hates and fears him.

DC has become obsessed with attempting to give us more Clark than Superman.  Obsessed. Its why shows like Lois and Clark and Smallville get made, while Superman is regulated to cartoons.  They honestly feel people are more interested in Clark than Kal El and that's simply not true. Kids are not dressing up as Clark Kent at Halloween. The man inside the suit is not as interesting as the man wearing the suit.

This humanizing of Superman has its roots in those original Donner/Shuler Superman movies from the 70's and 80's.  The whole sub-plot of Superman 2 was Kal losing his powers so he could be with Lois. I think, since most people hold this movie as the best of all the Superman movies, they come back to this trope of what would happen if Clark was not or could not be Superman.  And honestly, I don't know or care.  The DCU needs Superman to be Superman- not some emotionally stunted person who cannot handle his true emotions- DC has Batman for that!

DC should be highlighting his powers and abilities, not downplaying them.  Kal El knows how powerful he is and keeps them in check himself, not because of some overly self important writer or director who feels Superman should be more like us.  Superman is NOT LIKE US! He is SUPERMAN! He is an alien, from another world/planet with SUPER human abilities.

I am not one of those, "Zack Snyder should drop out because..." people. He has his vision of Superman and we have seen it on full display for the past two movies.  That is fine, I guess.  But he and DC should not be surprised by all the negative clap back they are receiving from fans and from creators who are not enamored with this version of Kal El.  What I would like to see,  after his "death", Kal El comes back and is appreciated as the hero and savior he was sent to be on Earth. Sadly, I think we are going to get an angry, seeking revenge Kal El before we see his redemption. Maybe this is part of Snyder's long run plan for the character...Maybe. But until then, I am going to enjoy Superman in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited- those shows are the most accurate version of Superman anyway!

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Watcha Reading?!

One of our twitter follows sent me a DM and asked me what we are reading so I wanted to drop some quick comic reviews to give you something to look for if you are struggling to find a monthly.

In alphabetical order

Archie( book is on issue 8)

My love for Archie has been documented in this blog over and over. Its my personal blindspot! But the relaunch is well written, funny, and has enough mix of new and old to keep even non- Archie fans satisfied. Plus it seems to be the backdrop for the CW show that is being shot for this fall!

Battle of Ozzelberg ( book just finished 3 issue run)
Action and adventure and a fresh take on the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  Great story and beautiful art and a fun read for all ages.  My daughter is a big fan of the book.

Black Panther( book is on issue 1)
Recently relaucnhed by Ta-Neisha Coates, the first issue was a primer to set up future events.  I liked the political tone of the book because it was different and I am sure we will see Black Panther fighting against traditional villains later.  A good book to jump in on and not be burdened by previous continuity.

Invincible Iron Man( book is on issue 8)
Relaunched at the conclusion of Secret Wars, Iron Man/Tony Stark is putting the pieces of his life back together with the help of Dr. Doom? and Dr. Strange as he searches for the secrets of Madame Mask.  The book is fun and they have totally turned comic book Tony Stark into Robery Downey Jr's version. That can be annoying at times, but the book is fun and one of the better stand alone Iron Man books in the last 10 years.

Poe Dameron ( book is on Issue 1)
Just picked us issue 1 and its set at Poe is searching for the key figure who has the key to finding the map to find Luke Skywalker.  His crew of other X Win fighters are along for the ride and we see the early humor and courage of Poe Dameron.  Looking forward to continuing this book.

Power Man and Iron Fist ( book is on issue 2)
I passed on this when it first came out.  I had been a Hero for Hire reader and I just kinda walked to the end of the line with those characters really.  But I heard an interview with writer, David Walker on the Black Nerd Power Podcast and it really made me want to read it.  Its fun and action filled and the art by Sanford Greene is awesome.

Spider Man( book is on issue 3)
There are a million Spider books out there. I am reading the Miles Morales version( naturally). Book is fun, well drawn; although besides issue 1, the book has been dealing more with Miles' personal life than super villains. Good start and a great jump on point for younger readers.

Extraordinary Xmen ( book is on issue 8)
One of the many X-books post Secret Wars. Storm is the leader and Old Man Logan is back from the future. Good book thus far and it just began with the Apocalypse Wars which I am sure is not a coincidence with the movie coming out next month.  Again, good jump on book to stay away from the continuity problem.

Those are my monthly titles. I did just finish the Greg Capulo Batman but once he left the book, I was out.  There no are DC titles until after Rebirth for me and even then, I still may be out of DC for a while.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Meet the Creators: Sanford Greene

Met up with the artist on the relaunched Power Man and Iron Fist- Sanford Greene at the South Carolina Comic Con.  I had a chance to talk to him about football in the state of South Carolina( which he lives), how working on Power Man and Iron Fist with the writer who is all the way across the country( writer David Walker lives in Portland). And most importantly, I asked him about his views on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Great guy and good interview. I got my copy of Power Man and Iron Fist #1 signed, too.

The Curious Career of: Larenz Tate

With a new tv show set to debut on NBC tonight called Game of Silence (which I really had no idea about), we wanted to look back at the career of Larenz Tate.  Even 20 years later, he is still mostly remembered for his role as O-Dog in the critically acclaimed, Menace 2 Society. From there, his movie career takes some interesting turns and eventually bottoms out before become a supporting character on tv over the past few years.  But why did he not become a "Movie Star"?  He clearly has the acting chops and he is a handsome man, but he rarely got a chance to break out of the mold of black, supporting star.

Early TV
Now you have known Larenz Tate the actor for a very long time.  You just didn't realize it.  He is a child actor who has been on several tv shows that you have seen.  From the 90's being on Red Foxx's The Royal Family, The Fresh Prince, and even Family Matters.  Larenz Tate has been around for a minute.

 He hits it big in his big screen debut of the Hughes Brothers film, Menace 2 Society.  Now the 90's were filled with these gang related, urban tales and this movie is actually one of the good ones.  In it, he plays O-Dog, best friend of lead actor Caine.  Now if you have never seen this movie, I highly recommend it! Larenz Tate is mesmerizing in this role and even tho you should hate him, he is such a captivating character, you kinda find yourself cheering for him. And you will never react the same again when someone ask you if you want to buy some cheeseburgers.

This is followed up by a show on Fox called South Central- a dramedy that dealt with urban life in Los Angeles that was critically acclaimed, but not a ratings success. The show is cancelled after 10 episodes, but if you ever saw Moesha a few years later, they are essentially the same show.  Anyway, Tate is great in South Central and the door is opened for him to have future success in movies.

And its funny- the same thing that happened to Morris Chestnut after starring in Boyz in the Hood, happens to Larenz Tate.  The backlash of those 90's gangster/message movies, led to a small rise in more positive tales of the black experience. Tate gets a starring role in the film, The Inkwell, which also starred Morris Chestnut, as a coming of age tale for a black family on vacation in the 60's. Its well done, but not alot of eyeballs were put on it.

Inkwell is followed up by another Hughes Brothers movie, Dead Presidents.  Tate is the star of this movie; although many people will say its stolen from him by Chris Tucker.  In this movie, Tate plays an Army vet returning home from Vietnam with all the problems many veterans face when they return home.  He tries to make one big heist to take care of him and his family. It has tragic results, but probably one of the realest movie endings of all time.

The middling success of these movies have Tate on the ropes a bit, but he is going to score big in 1997 with Love Jones.  This movie, which also stars Nia Long is not a box office success, but a critical success and shows Black Love on film which is often overlooked in modern cinema. Tate plays Darius as a cool and sexy leading man and if he were white, you could've seen this role leading to many other leading man roles.   And even tho Love Jones is not a big money maker, it does open the doors for other films showing Black people in love, such as the much more successful Love and Basketball.

So check the box office on his leading man roles
Inkwell $8.8 million
Dead Presidents $24 million
Love Jones $12 million

Nothing really blows you away, but he was doing quality work.  He makes the mistake tho in an attempt to up his profile.  He signs on for a movie with an actor whose star is definitely on the descent. The Postman- Kevin Costner's apocalyptic mailman movie.  Tate plays Ford Lincoln Mercury... yep, that's right!  He is essentially the token black guy who survived the apocalypse in the future.  The movie is awful and Costner's career is reeling after Water World and this bomb drags Larenz Tate down with him.  

Then, in what I would assume was an Oscar bait attempt, Tate gets his last leading role in a major motion picture with Why Do Fools Fall in Love.  This movie is the Frankie Lymon biopic which had bigger goals than the actors who attempted to pull it off. Tate was way too old for the role of Frankie Lymon who was 13 when he hit major fame.  Then, the movie falls into a First Wives Club farce  about his estranged wives.  The movie is awful.  Full of some of the worst overacting you will ever see. It was more fit to be on Lifetime.  This movie also fails to register and in 1997, Larenz Tate disappears- for 3 years!

When Tate does resurface, there is a straight to video release of a movie, Love Came Down and then for the next 6 years, he does minor supporting roles in movies.  Some are big budget, others not so much.  He is in the Oscar winner Crash in one of the craziest opening scenes in a movie ever.  He also has a supporting role in Ray, in which Jamie Foxx wins an Oscar. There is also a movie with pseudo negro Vin Diesel and Biker Boyz- in which Derek Luke has replaced him as the young, angry black guy in movies.

After that, its a wrap for Larenz Tate as a movie star.  Since 2006, he has starred in guest roles on many tv shows that are critically acclaimed- mostly Rescue Me and House of Lies- but he has yet to be given the opportunity to make it back to feature movie star.

So what happened?  Probably more than anything this shows the razor thin line that Black actors and other people of color walk when choosing projects.  White actors are afforded the chance to make and fail different projects in tv, film and music and consistently be offered a 2nd or 3rd chance to get it right.  Black actors do not get that chance and if the project is a big enough failure, it damages their name/brand/career to various levels.  Larenz Tate is working and there is nothing wrong with that. But with his acting ability, charm, and good looks, he probably should've been a bigger star than what he became.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Neal Adams the God Interview

Not gonna lie, when we made the decision to go to South Carolina Comic Con, I was hoping to meet with creator, Neal Adams.  Mr. Adams is a literal god in this industry having drawn every major character for both companies over the past 30 plus years.

When I met him, he was kind and generous with his time and he kept it absolutely 100 about how the CREAM dictates everything.

He makes his opinion known on DC Rebirth and on Batman V Superman- even tho he had not seen it yet.

Great interview and an absolute pleasure to meet this icon in the industry.

Meet the Creators: Xmen 92

If you have been with @brothascomics for a while, you know we are huge fans of Xmen the animated series from the 90's.  Its one of our favorite shows and we live tweet it from time to time.
So when I was at the comic book store and saw Marvel was producing a book called Xmen 92 I was intrigued but I didn't pick it up! More than anything, I thought it would be hokey and I didn't want it to tread on my love of the animated series.

So when we got to South Carolina Comic Con and I saw the writers of the book were there, I stopped to talk to them and they were real funny dudes.  They are a writing team( Chris Sims and Chad Bowers) and they were so entertaining at their booth, I stopped by again to interview them and of course I bought the book.

The book is great! The artwork is outstanding and the dialogue is true to the characters in the comics, but also with a 90's nod to the tv show.  Now the book is not a rehash of the tv show.  Its more of the backdrop, along with Xmen comics from the 90's. The stories are all new and original!  Definitely check out the book if you get a chance.

As far as the writers go, their chemistry as a team is evident from the start.  Very funny and you can tell they are lifelong friends as well as writing partners.  Check out the interview below you can follow Chris on Twitter at his handle @theisb

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Please shut the fuck up!

So the trailer dropped for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story the other day.  Normally that would've been something I would've done  a trailer review for and all that but I didn't.  Honestly, as much as I loved The Force Awakens, I am wary of Disney churning out Star Wars movie annually. I do believe too much is too much sometimes and diluting Star Wars with excessive movies could turn it into Star Trek and I would hate to see that happen.

None the less, my issue was not the trailer.  It was the fan boy( white) reaction to the trailer.  Once again, just like the TFA, white, male fans are upset that the star and lead protagonist of this movie was not a white male.  Like much of the hate directed towards Ray and Finn, its based on the fact that they believe the new creators of these movies are diversifying Star Wars too much and its based on some racial bias against white males and pushing a feminist agenda.

Word? This is how you gonna play this?  Now I could dive into how ridiculous the argument is and how pushing one character does not diminish anything from previous characters or movies, but I'm not gonna do that. Or I could dive into this idea of believability of a movie with space ships and Wookies in it, but Im not gonna do that either. I am going to tell those fans to shut the fuck up visually!  Possibly they can only learn through pictures because reading is clearly not fundamental.

In the picture box below are the sci fi films from 2015- just last year and a box of the sci fi films for 2016. I took out superhero movies- which are also almost exclusively white males, but lets just see what the films of the last year and half look like in sci fi.

This is not a comprehensive list for 2015, but the movies are overwhelmingly white male fronted and if you have seen most of these movies, the lack of people of color in them is startling.  Oh but maybe it was just last year right?  Yeah because #OscarSoWhite?  look at the slate for 2016 thus far
So there is a wide variety of movies over the past 16 months and there are no people of color.  Like none!  Yes, there are a few franchises that have white female leads, but the overwhelming majority are white, male led movies. And this is just the last year and half. Do you really want to go back in time to see how many movies and franchises are led by white males?  Is your ego and masculinity so fragile that you are threatened by less than 2% of the movies being made being led by a female?  Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit!  If anyone should be upset, its people of color who are constantly overlooked or marginalized in sci fi.  And its even worse for females of color in this genre. I am still waiting for a Black female to have s significant role in Star Wars.  I mean its only been 30 plus years and 8 movies already.
So cry me some white male tears on this one.  The audacity to be upset that 2 movies of your beloved series is not fronted by a white dude.  Man, you got 6 movies of that from Star Wars already. Let some other people shine.  None of this takes away from Luke or Han or Annakin or Obi Won. See that, I just listed 4 main white heroes.  This is on top of Padme and Leia.  And you give me "Lando" or "Mace" I may smack you if we meet.  One person does not equal diversity!! Learn that shit! Live that shit! Love that shit! Its not like there are no white people in The Force Awakens or Rogue One and they are all not bad guys! Get over yourself!
I'm sorry, not sorry for the rant but nothing angers me more than ridiculous, unfounded rage.  You want to be upset, don't watch then.  Ban the movies, sign your petition to bring back George Lucas.  But remember, George is chilling in his mansion like this!

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Meet the Creators: Deon Brown

This is our 2nd time featuring Deon and the Battle of Ozellberg.  I met Deon at the Middle Georgia Con in April. I interviewed him there and picked up a copy of his book.  I read it, liked it, and was mad at myself that I did not get another copy.  I found him later on Facebook and was happy to see he was going to be at South Carolina Comic Con so I could finish the series run on Battle of Ozellberg. Such a fun book and the art work by Steve Myers is outstanding.

To recap, its a retelling of the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  Our two principal characters are the same with Red and the Big Bad Wolf.  But the wolf is more deceitful than the fairy tale and Red is a warrior to be reckoned with.  Watch their journey and the battle between humans and wolves play out over the last two issues.

In our interview, Deon talks about the ending of the book and what he has coming up.  As well as his anticipation of going o see Batman V Superman the night of this interview.

Good dude and a good book.  Check it out and like and follow him on Facebook!

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Monday, April 4, 2016

South Carolina Comic Con Pictures

Here is the feed of pictures on our flickr

South Carolina Comic Con Pictures

Meet the Creators: Orchard Organiss

While at the South Carolina Comic Con I was able to meet and interview numerous creators about their current projects.  One of the first interviews I did was with the creators of the on-line comic Orchard Organiss.  The book is about a mother earth type figure and about sustainability.  The creators make all their products related to their character 100% organic and its a big reason as to why they created the character and to why the book is on line( to save some trees) This is not your typical super hero stuff and the art work is amazing! The on line content updates once a month and the next update comes out at the end of April.

Please check out their website
Orchard Organiss

You can also follow/like them on Facebook at
Orchard Organiss on Facebook

South Carolina Comic Con Review

@brothascomics is just unpacking and debriefing after the South Carolina Comic Con.  We just wanted to give a review of the con and our experience. First off we want to say thank you to the organizers who were kind enough enough to leave us press passes for the event.  This allowed us access to creators for interviews and content for our website.

The Location
South Carolina Comic Con is located in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina- which was about a two hours drive from Atlanta for us.  The con was located in a large enough facility at the TD Convention Center.  There was plenty of parking which was cheaper than most cons ( $5) and access to the main hall from different locations helped with lines and crowds. The con was also reasonably priced at only $15 for a Saturday Pass or $20 for the weekend.  Great prices for the quality of the convention.

The Badge Process
This is one of the most frustrating part of any comic con- Badge distribution.  Now, we did not do enough research heading to SCCC. This is a fairly large comic con- they probably did close to 15,000 people this weekend.  So when we got there, the line was long for entrance about 15 minutes before the doors opened.  Now we had passes at Will Call and that line was pretty long, too.  But the biggest difference I saw was that there were workers/volunteers making sure people were in the correct lines and helping them get to the proper lines if they were misplaced.  Also, the volunteers kept the people in line up to date on the process and about how long it was going to take.  That was huge for me as I was travelling with my 10 and 9 year old.  Once we got our badges, it was a smooth entrance into the main hall so I give the badge process major props and kudos.

The Main Hall
The Main Hall was spacious enough for people to move through without much hassle.  The layout was logical and there was space enough for you to find a wall to lay up against to take a break or pack away all the stuff your bought.  The was a wide variety of vendors with many nerdly goodies from comics, the toys, Gundam, anime, etc.  Whatever you wanted to find, you could find it in the Main Hall.

The Guests and Creators
There were some major MVP's at this Con- Neal Adams, Greg Capulo, and George Perez are literal comic book gods and the lines to get to them were as long as you would think.  I was there with my kids so doing an hour line was not going to happen for me, but I was able to meet all three and get pictures with them.  Plus my press pass allowed for me to get an interview with Neal Adams which was a real boss. Plus, there was a diverse list of creators on the floor.  Often, Cons can be absent of women and people of color in Creators Alley and that was far from the case at SCCC!  That diveristy played out in the attendance as well as you saw many POC and their families attending the con.

The Cosplay
Now Sunday they had a Cosplay contest, but on Saturday you got a few players and it was pretty good. Deadpool has really taken over the world of Cosplay, but there were a few very good cosplayers all around.

This is a great medium/large sized con for families.  If you have ever been to Dragon Con here in Atlanta, its a huge con!  At points its so overwhelming with people and traffic, it can become less fun- especially if you have younger kids.  SCCC was a good sized con with all the perks of a larger con without all the craziness and its very family friendly.  I was very impressed and will be recommending SCCC to all my friends that live in the southeast and I will definitely be back next year!  Be sure to check back during the week as we will update with interviews and pictures from SCCC!

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Why can't we have nice things?

As the Twitter streets run red with the blood of blerd on blerd violence since Batman V Superman was released,  I was drawn back to reality when I saw the trailer for a new movie this weekend called, Meet the Blacks.  It stars Mike Epps and is a parody ( I guess) of the Purge movies as a new family( Black) moves from Detroit to Beverly Hills after they come into some money.  Except the night they move in is the night of the annual Purge of 12 hours where people can commit crimes without consequences.  The title of the movie made me pause because its so blatantly uncreative and obvious and because I had never heard anything about this movie prior to seeing that commercial.

This got me thinking to myself... Why can't black movie goers have nice things?  Over the course of 2016, there have been 4 major motion pictures released with predominantly Black casts and I would say none of them are of high quality.

Ride Along 2 was a less funny and less successful sequel to a movie that was not a great movie to begin with and Fifty Shades of Black was a continuation of parody movies from the Wayans of a genre that has been dead for quite some time.  Race, was a whitesplaing movie of a pivotal moment in American History, and Perfect Match was a romantic comedy that had little to no advertising and most people did not even know when it was actually being released. And look, these movies should be able to exists in the film market.  The quality of these movies can be debated, but you can say that about all movies  The biggest issue is since there is a lack of quantity of films with people of color, the quality of the films that actually get made( you would hope) should be higher.  But that is just not the case.

The question becomes why?  Why do films with predominantly black casts struggle to get made? And why is the quality of these movies so poor?  First and this has to be said- often times Black people do not support black film and television and often what we support appeals to our lowest common denominator which causes more and more of those types of films to be made. Look at the films since 2016 began, 3 comedies and only 1 drama and the most successful one, Ride Along 2, is a retread of buddy cop movies with more racial tropes than you can count.  And 50 Shades of Black is half a step above a minstrel show with the Wayans.  Where are the Black horror movies, drama, science fiction, super hero, murder mysteries, etc? Often when these types of movies get made, our people wont support the movie which leads to more Ride Along's and 50 Shades of Black.  As it is, the next predominantly Black film coming up is Barber Shop 3- which, Ima be honest, I was done after the original Barber Shop.  My fade was tight! I don't need a Fresh Cut!

And therein lies the rub for Black movie goers.  Do I support these Black films because there are Black people in the movie- even tho it might not be any good?  Or do I hold onto my loot, with the hopes the quality of films released will increase even tho my lack of support may lessen those chances? This is a real dilemma and something white movie goers never have to concern themselves with.  They know, in a given month, there will be a wide variety of films across different genres in that same month. Shit sometimes in the same week.  These films were all released  the last two weekends.

Secondly, Hollywood does a terrible job( and often purposely I believe) in not advertising Black films to wider audiences. Production budgets are one thing, but to get people into the movie theater, they need to know who are the stars and when is the movie coming out.  Black films are often reduced to poster advertising and very few print, radio, or tv advertising and often these movies get lost in the Hollywood Shuffle.  Then when they movie fails, Hollywood will claim that the movie was not supported when in actuality, no one knew anything about the movie.

Now since #OscarsSoWhite, there are films being released that are outside of the comedy genre. Will Black people support them?  Will they get the advertising and support and push that their white counter parts receive?  A movie like Miles Ahead seems like a great movie with a great actor attached- but will it be supported?

Look, the color that matters most to people in Hollywood is green and if a movie does not make green they will not fund future movies for people of color.  Black writers, directors, and producers and Black moviegoers often only get one shot and if we all don't make it count, it becomes a more difficult struggle to get quality films made!

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