Sunday, July 5, 2015

Redbox Movie Review: The Boy Next Door

In our continued series of movies from Redbox that we watch for you so you can decide if you want to rent it from Redbox, we watched the Boy Next Door starring Jennifer Lopez. So is it work your $1.50.

In a word NO.  IN two words, HELL NO!  If you know me well enough, you know that I enjoy campy movies and I have been known to partake in very long Lifetime movie marathons which are essentially the same movie over and over again with women in distress( I am not sure what that says about me).

I know alot of fellas wanted to see this movie because of J Lo.  And she looks good in the movie.  But if you are expecting to see "something" you are going to be sadly disappointed which makes the movie even worse.  J Lo plays a teacher who is going through a divorce( side brotha note... how come JLo ain't never married to no minorities in these movies?) and when the new neighbor moves in to take care of his ailing uncleshe has a one night stand with him and then he goes nuts after getting some and the movie spirals from there.  The movie never explains where the uncle goes after a brief hospital stay or why this kid is a psychopath. I guess J-Lo's  the ill na na just turned him out!  That's pretty much the only explanation you can come to based on the movie.

It goes through all the scenes you would imagine from a Fatal Attraction rip off, minus the cooked bunny.  The ending is outrageously ridiculous and worse than any movie you may see on Lifetime.  And that is the biggest problem- the movie did not embrace the camp.  If you are going to be this outrageous, over the top, camp-fest, embrace it.  It toes the line between camp and taking itself too seriously and the movie falls so flat.

I would pass on this one, ya'll.  Use that $1.50 to buy a lotto ticket or something!

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