Thursday, July 2, 2015

Is it too late to stop this?

Gambit Movie News

More and more information has been coming out about the Gambit movie.  Most of the information is coming from Gambit ( Channing Tatum) himself.  News that the first draft of the script is done, the director has been chosen, and Gambit will make an appearance in Xmen: Age of Apocalypse next year setting him up for his solo movie.  Information has also been leaked that the Gambit movie will be an origin story.

And today's information is that Channing Tatum is working on his accent for the movie and his card tricks.... Sigh

Look, Gambit is one of my favorite characters from the comic and from  X-men the animated series.  I wrote before about how I liked his swag and how here breathed some new energy into the Xmen comics in the 90's when they were getting stale.

But Fox is going about this movie all wrong- on so many levels. Fox is working from the outside in on their movies and I think that is a mistake.  If they are committed to having a solo movie for Gambit, he should have been introduced in the movies already. You have to give reasons for people to care about this character outside of the X-universe.  Granted, he will be in AoA but for how long? That movie is already chocked full of heroes and reintroduction of heroes( Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey).  A Gambit cameo is not going to make people care enough about the character to go see a solo movie.  The thought I guess is that they are banking on Channing Tatum to carry the movie based upon him being Channing Tatum.  This is also a mistake.  He is a star ( I guess) and he has the Magic Mike thing and 21 Jump Street but those movies are not succeful because of Channing Tatum. They are brands and he participates in the brand.  A Gambit solo movie will need to be carried by him and I am not sure he is up to it!

But most important, I am not sure the character itself is interesting enough to carry a solo movie.  I've always felt that Gambit works best in short doses, He comes in, he is cool, he uses his cool powers, and then he moves out.  I am not sure learning about the thieves and assassins guilds or the marriage between him and Bella Donna is the origin story they are going for  But if they are, I am out already.

Maybe they introduce Mr. Sinister and his connection to Gambit but that seems like a stretch too since they have not introduced Sinister yet.  But it looks like they are doing Morlocks in AoA and maybe Gambit is introduced that way as working for Sinister like he was in the books? I just don't know and I just donut trust Channing Tatum and Fox to pull it off.

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