Saturday, July 11, 2015

Who's Thirstiest?

New/Old Roles for Black Actors

Our friends over at Newsarama posted an article with news coming out of comic con about Wesley Snipes talking to Marvel about a new Blade movie, Halle Berry talking about wanting to see a Storm movie, and Jada Pinkett Smith wanting to play Vixen in Suicide Squad 2( if there is one).

This got me to thinking.... which one of these people is the most thirsty for their project to happen.  I know everyone will assume Snipes because of his legal woes with the IRS and him needing to get checks but I'm not sure if he is the most thirsty.

Lets look at the suspects:

Halle Berry AKA Storm

Halle Berry has played Storm in four Xmen movies.  God Bless her attempt at an African accent in the first one that was actually abandoned in the 2nd act of the movie.  Her role in the sequels was expanded a bit, but like most characters in Xmen movies, took a Jim Crow, back of the bus seat, to Wolverine.  I think most Blerds always wanted to see more from the character but it never really happens in any of the movies.  Now, Halle Berry is close to 50 years old and at the Extant panel at Comic-con, she stated that she would love to star in a Storm movie, but even if she isn't in it, she would like the character to get her own movie.  The character is being reboot in XMen Age of Apocalypse next summer with Alexandra Shipp playing Ororo Munroe but who knows if that will eventually lead to a Storm solo movie.  All we know is that it wont be Halle Berry and I am ok with that.

Thirsty meter: Eager Thirst.  Halle is doing season 2 of Extant- which I have never seen or actually heard anyone talk about. Its now a summer series which is where shows typically go to die.  But she has an eager fan base that follows her, two children, and a hot head French husband that will bust your ass if you side eye her the wrong way.

Wesley Snipes AKA Blade

Talks have been out there this week that Marvel and Snipes have been talking about bringing back the character Blade.  I wrote a whole piece on this idea that you can find on the website
Blade 2.0
My thought is that if Blade does come back, Snipes would get a cameo or play the role of Whistler but he would not be the main star-mostly because of his age, but he also did sue Marvel after Blade: Trinity and I am sure there are some hurt feelings over at Marvel and they not turning over a franchise film to Wesley Snipes.
Snipes has had a few legal troubles with the IRS and even spent some time in the joint.  But he's out now and has a show coming to NBC this fall.  Expect that to be short lived as NBC cannot launch a successful show anymore( let alone one starring an African American in the lead role).  Snipes' needs checks and a return to Blade would be a nice check for him. I just don't see it happening!

Thirsty Meter: Parched.  Things are barren for Snipes.  I think a better role for him would be King T'Chaka in the Black Panther movie and that gets him back in the Marvel Universe and possibly back in Marvels good graces.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith does not need checks. Between the acting she has done and her marriage to Will Smith, she has no need to chase gigs for money( unlike Snipes)!  But she may be the thistiest person on this list.  Jada is always chasing "that" role.  My thought is that her husband is such a big movie star, she is looking to find her own place as an actress( which is not a bad thing)!  But it makes her come off as thirsty as she does not stick with one thing long enough to make an impact.  In comics/sci-fi,she wanted the role of Trinity in the Matrix( didn't get it) but wound up in the sequels as Niobe.  She plays Fish Mooney in Gotham but made the decision to leave after one season.  Now she is angling to play Vixen in Suicide Squad 2( assuming the 1st one is successful).  I don't get it?  Your husband is in that movie and he is going to overshadow almost anyone in any movie he is in so why follow after him if you trying to make your own way?  Also, if they cast Vixen in that movie, you know they are going to go younger, like they did with Harley Quinn.  Its ageism for sure but they are going to look for a younger actress who can fill out the costume so to speak. 

Thirsty Meter: extreme Thirst.  This is gonna come off like I dislike Jada Pinkett Smith and I don't... really.  I think she is a fine actress but  she needs to pick her spots.  Comics and Sci fi have not been good to her and vice versa.  I think at this point she needs to stay on the small screen and have supporting roles in movies, like Magic Mike. I hope that she finds something that uses her talents best and stop chasing after roles that she's not best suited for!

-The Producer

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