Saturday, July 4, 2015

Wedding Ringer: A Redbox movie review

Part 2 of our new feature: Is it worth a Redbox rental.  We watch shaky movies for you and decide if they are worth that $1.50 Redbox rental.  Today's movie is the Wedding Ringer starring Kevin Hart, that chick from the Big Bang Theory, and that dude that voiced Olaf in Frozen.  When those are your selling points, you should know your movie is in trouble.

So is it worth your $1.50. In a word, no.  In two words, Hell No! Look, Kevin Hart is a funny dude, I guess. I am not the fan that some people are and I think as a stand up he is highly overrated.  But the material in this movie is not worthy of the meager talents that he has and he cannot elevate the movie into something that is even passable.  I may have had two chuckles this entire movie. 

The movie is a Hitch rip off essentially.  Black guy works with fat white guy who has outkicked his coverage on the girl he is going to marry. The biggest difference being Will Snith is a movie star who can make ( or could make) average material entertaining, whereas Kevin Hart can't do that yet and probably never will. The weird premise is that the dude has no friends to be his best man or groomsmen.  Really? What dude has no friends?  Even the most secluded dudes I know have at least 1 person they can count on!

So its bad. I kinda want to petition all of you for a penny to get my money back for watching it for you!

-The Producer

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