Saturday, October 8, 2022

She Hulk Recap


The Marvel Hacks: Thunderbolts recap


Red Hood Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Iron Man cosplay @dragoncon2022


Scarlet Witch Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Doug Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Star Trek Cosplay


Count Dooku Cosplay


Interview With Dietrich Smith


Storm Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Psylocke and SpiderGwen Cosplay


Moprheus Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Arthur Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Scarlett Witch @dragoncon2022


House of the Dragon recap: episodes 3 and 4


Mark Bagley Interview @dragoncon2022


Rogue Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Punk Rock Storm Cosplay @dragoncon 2022


Olaf Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Sheriff Bart Cosplay @dragoncon2022


Chuck Brown Interview @Dragoncon 2022


My interview with Chuck Brown where talk Bitter Root and the process of taking it from comic book to the big screen

Dragoncon Hotel Patter explanation


Wolverine/Laura/X-23 Cosplay @dragoncon2022


What We missed in Wrestling: SummerSlam 1989


We look at SummerSlam 1989.  Hulk Hogan is awful and we get Zeus from the movie into the ring... which no one asked for

What We Missed in Wrestling: Halloween Havoc 1989 Part 1


We recap Halloween Havoc from 1989.  This is part 1 of 2

What We Missed in Wrestling: Halloween Havoc 1989- Part 2


Part 2 of our recap of Halloween Havoc from 1989

House of the Dragons Epsiode 5 recap


We continue our recap of House of the Dragon's with episode 5

House of the Dragons Recap episode 6