Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Don't I know you from somewhere?

I was checking out an article the other day about actors that pop up in everything.  This caused me to  think back to a conversation that I had in reference to this subject matter.  At the time of this conversation, I discussed about 5 actors that seemed to be in darn near everything from TV shows to movies, but yet most people did not know them by name.

This started when I kept seeing Juan Guzman in everything.  I think for a straight year he was in every movie that came out.  I kept saying to myself, damn this dude has a great agent.  These character actors fit in this category because you know them by face but not by their name.  They jump from TV to movies seamlessly and most have at least 3 or 4 projects going at the same time.  You will recognize them in a project and then perhaps turn the station to another TV show and there they are again or see them in a movie at the theater and then go home and see them on a TV show.  You will find yourself saying “Hey, didn’t I just see that dude in something else.  These actors have been around for years and jump from one medium to another.  They are great character actors who deserve recognition but for the most part go unrecognized at least by name, however you will recognize their face:

 Luis Guzman

Image result for pics of Luis Guzman 

 James Remar
 Image result for pics of James Remar

David Constabile
 Image result for pics of David Costabile

William Fichtner
 Pictures & Photos of William Fichtner - IMDb
Zeljko Ivaneck
 Image result for pics of Zeljko Ivanek

Dean Winters
 Image result for pics of Dean Winters

Robert John Burke
 Image result for pics of Robert John Burke

Brett Cullen

 Image result for pics of Brett Cullen

Garrett Dillhunt

 Image result for pics of Garret Dillahunt

Will Patton

 Image result for pics of Will Patton

This is an honorable mention, for playing the black mother and father in damn near everything else.

John Witherspoon
 Image result for pics of John Witherspoon

Jennifer Lewis

 Image result for pics of Jennifer Lewis

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