Thursday, July 9, 2015

Blade 2.0

Word on the street is that Wesley Snipes has talked to Marvel about reprising the role of Blade or possibly some other role within the Marvel Universe.  Back in the day, he was considered for Black Panther.  Could he possibly play King T'Chaka- Black Panther's father?  Or does he go back to playing Blade- the role he made famous in the 1998 movie and lesser sequels in the early 2000's?

This got me thinking... who would they cast as Blade?  All due respect to Wesley Snipes, he is 52 years old and would be much older by the time a movie came out. So who could they cast in the role? Snipes for all his present day troubles is forgotten for being a competent actor and his action and suspense films from the 90's are not as bad as people may think or remember.  Is there a black actor out there who could fill the role of Blade?  Who can sport the high top fade?

As we go through the list of potential actors, we need to eliminate some actors who are either already playing heroes or signed up to play heroes in the future. And eliminate Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington, Samuel L Jackson, and Morgan Freeman as they are either too old or just not right for this role.

So we have to eliminate Anthony Mackie( the Falcon), Idris Alba( Heimdall), Chadwick Bozeman( Black Panther), Tyrese Gibson( Green Lantern ?), Chiwatel Ejafor( Dr. Strange movie?), and Michael B Jordan( Human Torch/Fantastic Four).  Once you take this group of actors out, you are left with not too many movie stars.  There are some actors who have been in movies and some who are possibly more well know for their roles on TV shows.

Here is a list of possibles( in no particular order)

Morris Chestnut
Morris Chestnut has starred in both movies and TV( even has a new show coming to Fox this fall). Not sure about his martial arts background.

Michael Jai White
Played Spawn in the movie Spawn.  Has appeared in other comic book movies, including the Dark Knight.  Has major martial arts background.

Michael K Williams
Plays certified bad ass in almost everything he's done.  Can do action and can carry the emotional parts of the character.  By far the best actor on this list!

Derek Luke
Played Gabe Jones in Captain America: The First Avenger. The 2nd best actor on this list and could definitely handle the acting. Not sure if he could fill the martial arts role. Plus he is kinda short!

Laz Alonso
Laz Alonso has appeared in many action films-from the Fast and the Furious to Avatar!  Has good acting chops, as well and could handle the martial arts!

I'm excited about a possible Blade reboot.  I think Wesley Snipes for sure should be involved- just as a supporting character at this point.  Oh and keep Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel far, far away from this!

So who else could it be?  Leave your choice in the comments sections!

-The Producer

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