Thursday, April 14, 2016

Watcha Reading?!

One of our twitter follows sent me a DM and asked me what we are reading so I wanted to drop some quick comic reviews to give you something to look for if you are struggling to find a monthly.

In alphabetical order

Archie( book is on issue 8)

My love for Archie has been documented in this blog over and over. Its my personal blindspot! But the relaunch is well written, funny, and has enough mix of new and old to keep even non- Archie fans satisfied. Plus it seems to be the backdrop for the CW show that is being shot for this fall!

Battle of Ozzelberg ( book just finished 3 issue run)
Action and adventure and a fresh take on the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  Great story and beautiful art and a fun read for all ages.  My daughter is a big fan of the book.

Black Panther( book is on issue 1)
Recently relaucnhed by Ta-Neisha Coates, the first issue was a primer to set up future events.  I liked the political tone of the book because it was different and I am sure we will see Black Panther fighting against traditional villains later.  A good book to jump in on and not be burdened by previous continuity.

Invincible Iron Man( book is on issue 8)
Relaunched at the conclusion of Secret Wars, Iron Man/Tony Stark is putting the pieces of his life back together with the help of Dr. Doom? and Dr. Strange as he searches for the secrets of Madame Mask.  The book is fun and they have totally turned comic book Tony Stark into Robery Downey Jr's version. That can be annoying at times, but the book is fun and one of the better stand alone Iron Man books in the last 10 years.

Poe Dameron ( book is on Issue 1)
Just picked us issue 1 and its set at Poe is searching for the key figure who has the key to finding the map to find Luke Skywalker.  His crew of other X Win fighters are along for the ride and we see the early humor and courage of Poe Dameron.  Looking forward to continuing this book.

Power Man and Iron Fist ( book is on issue 2)
I passed on this when it first came out.  I had been a Hero for Hire reader and I just kinda walked to the end of the line with those characters really.  But I heard an interview with writer, David Walker on the Black Nerd Power Podcast and it really made me want to read it.  Its fun and action filled and the art by Sanford Greene is awesome.

Spider Man( book is on issue 3)
There are a million Spider books out there. I am reading the Miles Morales version( naturally). Book is fun, well drawn; although besides issue 1, the book has been dealing more with Miles' personal life than super villains. Good start and a great jump on point for younger readers.

Extraordinary Xmen ( book is on issue 8)
One of the many X-books post Secret Wars. Storm is the leader and Old Man Logan is back from the future. Good book thus far and it just began with the Apocalypse Wars which I am sure is not a coincidence with the movie coming out next month.  Again, good jump on book to stay away from the continuity problem.

Those are my monthly titles. I did just finish the Greg Capulo Batman but once he left the book, I was out.  There no are DC titles until after Rebirth for me and even then, I still may be out of DC for a while.

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