Friday, November 11, 2022

Trailers Before Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


My Black Panther review will be upcoming... but  here are the trailers that rolled before the movie


If you know me, I do not mess with horror movies... at all.  Add in a creepy ass doll that looks human.

The hardest of all passes but I will def read the reviews from the horror folks who like this stuff

John Wick 4

I have actually never seen any of these John Wick movies.  I am not a huge fan of violence or Keanu to be honest.  But this franchise, much like the Fast and the Furious, just keeps chuging out movies and has such an established fan base, I can imagine these will be around as long as Keanu draws breath( much to the chagrin of Matthew Perry)


People hate Chris Pratt so much that they were upset that he is the voice of Mario more than the fact that they made a Mario movie.  Look, I have played my fair share of Mario games but we do not need a Mario movie no matter who is the damn voice.  Like we cannot be that hard up for entertainment at this point.  Hard pass

Shazam 2

My daughter and I went together to see the first Shazam and I thought... man, this movie would've been great for my son who would have been around 14 at the time.  And the reason I say that is because it clearly was appealing to young fans who often get closed out of super hero movies nowadays. Shazam 2 looks to still follow that path but I hope it has a bit more maturity to it.  We love Zack Levy in this house so I will def give this another shot; although the villians look super shaky in this one

Ant Man and Wasp: Quantumania

I am looking forward to this.  Its probably mostly for Kang as he has been clearly set up for big things moving forward with movies.  Underrated, but the Ant-Man triology is one of the best MCU/Comic Book movie trilogies( if this one is good).  Can't wait until Feb 2023

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