Thursday, May 21, 2015


A little info about The Female Perspective

Geek/Nerd Bio

I am a closet geek who likes movies, music, technology and anime.  My interests are very eclectic and span across several topics, genres and platforms.  However, the main underlying source of interest is the artistic endeavor.  I was exposed to arts through my mother and have always held a high appreciation for that expression.  Taking a concept from idea into fruition is an exhilarating journey of which I find quite fascinating.  I look forward to communicating with the general public about various aspects of our society through artistic expression and having many insightful discussions.  In sharing the panel with The Hutchinson Brothers (Greg and Chris Hutchinson), who are both very knowledgeable in all things geek/nerd, some of which I may not be privy to, I look forward to this exciting ride and hope that you will join us for these discussions.

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