Monday, June 5, 2023

The Trailers Before Across the Spiderverse


Our review for Spiderverse is coming soon( BTW its great).  But check out the trailers than ran before the movie.  Not sure if I will see any of them but I'm definitely tempted on a a couple of them,

Blue Beetle

I don't know.  This looks fine enough and gives off a very phase 1 Marvel feel but I do not trust DC at all.  I have been hurt so many times and I am not sure if I can continue to do this.  Its not me, its you DC.  Hard Pass


You know Pixar has kind of been on the backside since the Disney/Marvel/Star Wars merger.  They used to be the most consistent animation property.  Now, we are getting Toy Story 5.  But up next, the Elementals.  I have enjoyed all the trailers for this and I will see- on Disney Plus tho.  Hard Pass... in the movie theatre

Teenage Kraken

When this came up, I do not know if my eyes could have rolled back any further, but it was actually kinda funny and weird in a good way.  Another movie I will eventually see- just not in the movie thearter.

Transformer: Rise of the Beasts

I saw the two Transformer movies and the two jive talking robots did me in on that Michael Bay trash and I have not seen one since and this one aint gonna happen either.  The hardest pass.

The Flash

Look man.... This is a Batman movie featuring the Flash.  Its the only way to seel it since the star of the movie is a whole ass criminal.  All that being said, this trailer has made me reconsider seeing it- even tho DC continues to hurt me( see above Blue Beetle).  I still dont know if I can commit to this- even tho people I know and trust have said its good.  Its a pass but not a strong one.

The Producer

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