Monday, June 19, 2023

The Flash Review


Full dislcosure.... I did not see this movie in the movie thearte.  On Fathers Day weekend my present was to spend the day with my kids.  No phones, no friends, no going out- just them and me and watching movies and playing games. 

So in the process of looking for something to watch on the Firestick, I noticed there was a copy of the Flash movie.  Now those who have a Firestick know that even tho a movie is listed there and with a link, it does not always mean that movie is the ACTUAL movie that will load when you click that link.  As it was opening weekend for the Flash, I did not think it would be there.... and yet it was.  Not only that, it was a very clear digital copy AND even with closed captions. 

My cat enjoyed it more than me

So with all that being said.... its not a very good movie.  No matter what anyone tells you- whether its Tom Cruise of David Zaslov, its not a good movie and honestly, I am not sure if they could have made a good movie under the circumstances.  Between the delays, the switch in direction away from Snyder, but still Snyder adjacent, to the absolute crime spree the star of the movie went on, this movie was jinxed from the start.  And I think the studio knew it which is why they fell into a, " screw it! Let's try and do anything and everything and see what sticks."  And that is the movie you have, some parts cool, some parts so cringeworthy bad that- if I had been in the movie thearte, I woulda walked out.  Something we talk about alot at Brothascomics is fan service: good and bad.  This movie is bad fan service. Guest stars and cameos are substitted for plot and while that may make some fanboys happy, it does not make for a coherent movie.  

If you want me to summarize, Barry Allen is still hanuted by the unsolved death of his mother and in looking to fix it, he screws up the timeline by going back to the point before his mom is killed in an effor to fix it.  That creates all these multiverse scenarios with Michael Keaton Batman appearing, Supergirl appearing, and for some reason General Zod from Man of Steel but in the same universe as Batman V Superman?  The movie is a race against time and a race to the next guest star and still these tie ins back to the Snyderverse.  And for the life of me, I will never understand the fascination with that director and those movies and this movie should be (hopefully) the death knell of that universe.  Its been a crutch at best and an anchor at worst for all the movies since Justice League and for the Flash its a whole ass anchor.

Nightmare Fuel

The acting is fine enough.  If you enjoy Keaton as Batman, this is great nostalgia.  If you enjoy good visual effects, this is not a good movie for you.  If you want to just see cameos of some of your favorite DC characters fron long ago, this is a great movie for you but if you want any of it to make actual sense, this is not the movie for you.

Maybe I missed the largeness of the movie by not seeing it at the movies.  Maybe on the big screen the weight of the entire thing woulda seemed larger and made the stakes more relevant but for me- a casual Flash fan, this movie was just another disappointment in the long list of disapointments from DC.  They literally have some of the biggest IP's ever and cannot get their characters and movies right for the life of them.  Understandibly, the movie is a failure at the box office and its not only because the movie is bad, its because DC's has soured the fan base and no one trusts that they can make a good movie and the Flash- in Speed Force fashion proved it again.

The Producer

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