Friday, September 8, 2023

DragonCon 2024 meets the X-Men Hellfire Gala


One of the things I enjoy most about DragonCon is when a current pop culutral event explodes at the con.  A couple of years ago after season 1 of Loki, there was such a Loki presence at the con, I felt like we were in Asgard.

This year, the X-Men HellFire Gala dropped on DragonCon with a full on fashion show!  What is the HellFure Gala you may ask?  Well without going into the too many details about Krakoa and boring you with X-Men comic facts, I will just say to you that the HellFire Gala is a mutant and non mutant stunt show- mirroring the Met Gala.  Supes dress up and show out in their best outfits looking to outshine their hero counterparts.

Well this year, our fell Atlanta mutants showed up and showed out to let these non supes know who has the rizz and who doesn't. And Enjoyable and fun time was had by all and proving once again DragonCon has all the style! Check  below for pics and a video of the fashion show!

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