Monday, November 13, 2023

The Trailers Before The Marvels


Do not get a chance to get to the movies that often anymore but we just saw The Marvels and we got trailers.  Let's see what is coming soon to a movie complex near you!!

Migration( December 22, 2023)

I think one of the things that COVID helped destroy was the making of quality kids movies.  As time has gone on, movies seemed to be geared more and more towards tweens and young adults and the kids are left to feed off scraps or old stuff on Disney Plus.  Migration looks like fun for kids and adults and I can definitely see me seeing this with my family over the holiday break.

Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes ( November 17, 2023)

Now in my house, this has been anticipated by my daughter for months now.  She read the book and is a huge fan of the OG Hunger Games movies and books.  Add in Rachel Zegler and.... well tickets have been purchased for a few weeks now.  Ima miss this one because those last two Hunger Games movies broke me.

The Fall Guy (March 11, 2024)

When I saw this trailer at first, I thought there is no way they are making a movie about a tv show with Lee Majors from the 80's.  Well I was wrong.  Honestly, I never watched the original Fall Guy and I aint watching this movie.  I kinda, sorta like Ryan Gosling but not enough to pay money to see him.  Its not a hard pass, but its hard enough

Aquaman 2: Electric Boogalloo ( December 22, 2023)

Man There is no way I am seeing this movie.  From all the early bad pre press to the talks of how the shooting was.... DC, under the old leadership, cannot make a good comic book movie- Argue with your momma about that!

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes ( May 24, 2024)

Real talk.... I have not seen any of them damn apes movies.  I have zero interest and that has not changed in the past 15 years they been making this shit!  Its the Transformers with Apes and I don't fuck with that either.  Hardest of all passes!

Wish( November 22, 2023)

See my first post.... More kids movies and Disney needs to stick with making quality animation instead of live action of their already established stuff.  This looks fun. The songs sound fun.  Its just fun!  We all need more fun!!

That's all there is, folks!  What movie are you looking most forward to seeing?

The Producer

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