Friday, July 1, 2016

Storm The greatest Xmen Leader

As  I was digging in the comic book crates today, I came across Uncanny X-Men issue 201.  The cover struck me immediately and it did not take me long to vividly remember the outcome of this issue.  Issue 201, is where Storm takes back control and leadership of the X-Men at one of its most tumultuous times.

Storm is powerless- having lost her powers when her the mutant, Forge accidentally shoots her with a mutant power neutralizing gun.  The intended target was Rogue, but he missed.  Forge feels bad and helps Storm recover.  They fall in love, but once she finds out Forge shot her, she dumps his ass.

Nightcrawler is appointed leader of the X-Men in Storms absence.  He is an average leader at best and is constantly wrecked with self-doubt wondering if he is as good a leader as Storm of Cyclops.

And Cyclops is now back with the team.  After issue 200, where Magneto is on trial, Professor Xavier leaves the team and goes space hopping with his boo, Lilandra.  He leaves Magneto in charge of the school and the New Mutants.  This brings Cyclops back to the school believing that Magneto must be stopped or watched seeing that he is the biggest enemy of the X-Men.  Problem is, Cyclops is now married to Madelyn Pryor AND they have a baby( Cable).  His wife is none to thrilled to have her husband back with the X-Men and she lets him know.  Cyclops is a dick, tho and when the void of leadership must be filled, he accepts the challenge from Storm to a duel for leadership of the team.

The duel takes place in the Danger Room and Cyclops( because he is a dick) is arrogant and thinking since Storm is powerless, this fight will be over quickly. He is oh so wrong!

Storm uses all her skills and abilities to keep Cyclops off balance and he begins to become anxious and nervous, unsure what to do.  He is also unfocused worried about Magneto, his wife, and his baby.  Side note- Cyclops is a dick!

Finally, Storm gets the drop on him to end the duel by ripping off his visor.  In defeat, Cyclops is gracious and moves on with his life and wife( of course, he would later get to lead X- Factor, but whatever).

This issue showed why Storm has been the best leader EVER to lead the X-Men. Even without her powers, he ability to plan, execute, and fight shows leadership that others have dispayed but not on her level. This version of Storm is the version we have all been waiting to see in the X-Men movies- yet we continually get timid and unsure Storm which is nothing like the modern version of the character in the books.

Uncanny X-Men 201 was a turning point for the character and if you are a Storm fan, I highly recommend you find it and read it.  Buying it might be pricey because of that pesky little 1st appearance of Cable thing, tho :)

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