Monday, February 18, 2019

Blossoms 666

There is no brand of comics that are able to morph their characters into different genres than Archie Comics.  From unconventional team ups like Betty and Veronica meeting Harley Quinn and Poison Ivey to taking Archie to 1941 to fight in World War 2.  Archie Comics is constantly taking their characters into different worlds and telling stories outside of continuity.

The Horror line for Archie has been going strong for years now  The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, to the Archie Afterlife to Jughead the Hunger, and Vamperonica.  The latest entry into this line is Blossom 666.  The Riverdale tv show has truly pushed the Blossoms; especially Cheryl into a different atmosphere in terms of popularity and this spin off is right in line with the dark tone of the tv show.

Our scene, of course is Riverdale High as the regulars are discussing the recent invitation to a party being thrown at the Blossom mansion.  While Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica contemplate this Blossom shindig, Reggie is being Reggie and bullying Dilton which is seen and heard by Cheryl and she is not having it!

As is Cheryl's way, she always has an ulterior motive and rarely does things out of the kindness of heart and as she begins to take Dilton under her wing of protection, you automatically get the feeling that something is astray in Riverdale.  The one thing about these alternate time line comics, the heart and soul of these characters, remain the same.  Modern Cheryl Blossom is always scheming and plotting and when combined with her brother Jason, nothing good is going to happen.

And speaking of Jason, as Jughead is trying to explain why he does not have his term paper to Ms. Grundy.  Ms. Grundy, much like Aunt May in the Spider-Man movies, is now deaged and attractive, is not having Jughead's excuses and threatens to fail him and send him to summer school.  In steps Jason Blossom who backs up Jughead's story of a faulty laptop issue as to why his paper is tardy. Of course Grundy believes Jason over Juggy and Jughead is instantly suspicious of his new found friend.

This book is so well done and even though I am not a real huge fan of moving Riverdale personalities into Archie comics, it works well here because early Archie comics never fleshed out the Blossoms.  Although not an open book, Cheryl had really been presented as just a redhead Veronica and Jason was never a fully functioning character.  With Riverdale, Madelyn Petsch has given life and depth to Cheryl and her family creepiness fits well with this new horror genre.

I will not give away anymore because I would wind up spoiling this book.  There are enough twists and turns for new readers, enough Riverdale in it for those who only watch the tv show, and enough old school Archie comics for long time fans of the Riverdale gang. Well done from the creative team here and I cannot wait until issue 2.

The Producer

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