Monday, January 2, 2017

What Could've Been: Batman V Superman

StoryBoards Ultimate Edition

Another day, another news article about something that maybe, coulda, shoulda, might've happened in Batman V Superman.

This week, its a storyboard on the desert scene from the beginning of the movie when Superman came to rescue Lois.  It does not show much of anything and I doubt that it would've changed my or many other viewers perception of the movie.

It does show/tell me one major thing, tho.  Now, look. I am the writer of a non-successful blog/podcast.  I have never written, produced, directed, cast anything or anybody for a major motion picture. So the people at DC and Warner Brothers clearly know more than me when it comes to filmaking.

That being said, I am an expert at film watching. I have watched thousands of movies and have a pretty good knowledge base on what makes a good movies and what makes a shitty movie.  Batman V Superman is not a shitty movie. I believe that strongly.  Its not a good movie either, but somewhere in that mess of a movie, there is a good movie that needed better editing.  So if I believe there is a good movie in there, why doesn't DC/Warner Brothers?

You see if they believed Batman V Superman was a good movie as it is, we would not have all the additional stuff they wants to ADD to the movie.  Between the extended/R rated cut, non-Batgirl, cut scenes, directors commentary, and now additional storyboards, all DC has been doing is trying to convince themselves( and us) that the movie was good. If they truly believed in the movie as it is, they would stand on it and defend it for the art that it is.  They have not done that!  Since they movies came out, they had been pimping the R rated cut and the extended cut.  I know those are part of the business model and helps sell DVD's but you don't see Marvel doing this do you?  Even Marvels' less successful movies don't do this as a way to try and convince us that the movie was better than what the critics said.

And here is the biggest issue with this, at least for me.  This erodes my confidence of when the movie actually comes out in theaters.  Why would I drop that $60 to take my family to the movie, if in 6 months, you are going to put out a "better" version on DVD with shit that was not in the theatrical cut? Better for me to wait, save the money, and watch it on my big screen at my house.

Sadly I am sure this is not the last we have heard of something in Batman V Superman that was going to happen.  DC can't help itself in that regard.  It keeps people talking and blogging about a movie that is not that great. I guess some press is better than no press!

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