Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Evolution of Cyborg

So the Justice League teaser trailers and then full trailer came out this past week.  I have been on the record for a while now that I think this movie will be a mess.  DC has rushed this project and have not taken the care needed to not just make it a spectacle.  They don't care tho.  They just wanna keep cashin' dem checks.

So each character got a teaser trailer of like 20 seconds and Cyborg was the last one to debut.  Cyborg has been around for a long time in the DC Universe, but I have rarely met/talked to anyone who is a Cyborg fan.  The character is kinda lame in the comics and his presentation on tv has, in my opinion, devolved over time.  This always makes me wonder why did they choose Cyborg as their Black Justice League Character ( and don't think for a second that is not why he's in the movie).  DC coulda went with John Stewart- a character that most Black comic book fans hold in esteem.  But- nah, lets make the Black guy who is not really a full man our Black hero. Aight!

One of the major problems for me with Cyborg is that his portrayal over time has gotten worse.  When he first debuted on The Superfriends/SuperPowers Team, the look was pretty cartoonish and he rarely got a chance to shine with the Superfriends.  He was just kinda there. Like the Affirmative Action SuperFriend.

Once Cyborg was moved over to the Teen Titans in the comics, I think the perception of the character changed and he worked better with the younger team in the comics and when they were able to finally get a cartoon, he is clearly one of the leaders of the team and respected by all the Titans. He built Titan Tower and he was the main tech person of the team. He was a respected leader of the Titans, along with Robin.

But then came Teen Titans Go! Now look, coming on after the previous Teen Titans cartoon, this show is a hard pass for me. My kids watch it, Big Hutch watches it, Brother Beavis is a fan,  and other people I love and respect and follow watch and love the show.  I can't stand it! But its not just for Cyborg; although that is a huge part of it.  Its just too silly for me and they have taken Cyborg into an area that is very hard to come back from in my opinion.  His alter ego as Grandma, his dancing, the constant jokes... they made the character a joke.  And now the leap is for us to believe him to be this bad ass "Cyborg"- yet they give him a character design that looks like a Dollar Store Action Figure.

It does not seem fair and its probably not.  But lost in all that is that maybe Cyborg just sucks.  Maybe the character and his design is a hold-over of 80's comics cool.  His inability to be adapted into comic culture today and his unnecessary push into Justice League is just covering up for the awfulness of the character.

Regardless, somehow, Cyborg is going to get a solo movie( allegedly).  Who truly asked for this and who truly wants to see it? No sir, not I sir!

The Producer

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