Sunday, October 1, 2017

Phoenix as a 2 Part Movie

Two Part Phoenix Story

News broke last week from Olivia Munn, that the new X-Men Phoenix Movie is going to be a two part movie?  Werd? Really?  First off, they not telling Olivia Munn too many secrets to the franchise.  Her bit role in Apocalypse was easily forgotten and her even being in the next movie is a sad state of affairs.  Secondly, X-Men movie producers have already stated that the movie is not going off world.  So that means no Shi'ar, no Imperial Guard, and probably no Lilandra.  If the movie is set on earth, going from Phoenix to Dark Phoenix is not gonna make

At the end of Apocalypse, Jean already has dispaled the power of the Phoenix.  A story about where that power came from, would make sense and you could even use Magneto in this movie since Fasbender is already involved.  You could maybe tie in the story of Mutant X, AKA Proteus on Muir Island.  There is some potential there if you plan to stay on Earth.

But, if it stays on Earth and never even touches on the intergalactic portion of Phoenix and the Phoenix Force's threat to the galaxy, then its just another story- no different than the Last Stand.  The X-Men movie franchise has been so dead set on not making their world/universe bigger to give the characters more depth.  We keep getting fed the same people over and over- without letting any of the younger characters shine.

So, #FoxGonnaFox will continue.  I have no real desire to see this movie at all and the fact they may drag it out over two movies makes me even sadder.

Thanks Fox

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