Sunday, October 1, 2017

Marvel Legacy Review

Control-Atl-Delete.... for many of us older computer users, we know that sequence of buttons, pressed together, will restart your computer and get you back to the beginning to open up Windows or whatever operating system you use.  Its helpful when your program gets stuck or wont respond properly and the restart or reboot, sets things back to "normal" so you can begin again.

Well, Marvel and DC for that matter love hitting Control- Alt- Delete with their comic book properties.  In fact, its really become so mainstream now, comic book companies really build around their reboots as a way to get fans excited about a potential cross-over or new line of titles that will bring in new readers.  Its bullshit! Old readers know this and even tho we keep falling for it, we fully recognize that Marvel and DC is just trying to line they pockets with money off the backs of their fans.

That being said, Marvel hits reboot again, with Marvel Legacy.  The next step/chapter in the Marvel comic universe after Secret Empire.  Marvel has been bragging about this being a "return to traditional heroes".  What this really is- a return to white, traditional heroes.  Marvel took a swing for the fences after Secret Wars 3 and gave non traditional heroes a chance to run the company.  Traditional white heroes were "replaced" with their Person of color counterparts... as we have come to call it, the Plessy V Ferguson heroes.  This attempt to get new ( non white) readers interested in the books was met with massive white fan boy violence( well they beat the shit out of their keyboards, as least) and in some cases indifference by people of color over the titles.  This tepid review of THAT reboot got Marvel to thinking very quick about returning the white dudes and Marvel Legacy gets us there. So even tho Iron Heart, Moon Girl, Sam Wilson Captain America, Lady Thor et al will still be around, they are definitely being placed in the background for their white counterparts.

Now this may seem like I am shitting on Legacy... I am not. I enjoyed the book but it really is just a "teaser trailer" as Brother Beavis called it.  Yes, there is an underlying plot with the Celestials, but for the most part, the book is a check in/check out on our heroes.  The Avengers founders- Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are all in certain places up upheaval, Ghost Rider is fighting an unknown foe, and of course we check in with for no real reason at all other than putting him in the book.  There is also a final page reveal of the potential return of the Fantastic Four and of course,
like modern comics,  there is a surprise return of a thought dead character- spoiler pictured below

The book was well written, paced, and drawn and for me, at least, I think this reboot could mean something if Marvel wants it to mean something.  We love our traditional heroes, even tho we also have love for their replacements.  Both can co-exist without shitting on the other.  If Marvel can commit to the books being there own thing- not just vehicles to move the narrative with Marvel Cinematic, they can create to genres that are both strong and thriving.

So this was a thumbs up for me. You can listen to the podcast in the link below and see what the rest of the crew thought!

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