Tuesday, October 3, 2017

We Here: Baltimore Comic Con

This is part two of our coverage of Baltimore Comic Con.  Brother Beavis held it down for the family portion of the show and you can read his experience here:

Brother Beavis at Baltimore Comic Con

I was able to attend Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon and wanted to drop in some of the pictures I took and speak of my time on the convention floor.

As brothascomics has always done, we aim to bring coverage to Black Nerds( Blerds) who have often been left out of comic book nerd culture or been shunned for their participation in it.  Comic book culture often can be a gatekeeping culture and we aim to knock those gates down by highlighting cosplayers of color.

So check out some of our photos below and always allow your geek flag to fly no matter who you are!!

Cosplayers in Baltimore really showed up and showed out!  So many dedicated nerds who have crafted a niche for themselves in nerd culture.

Beyond that, the con was outstanding!  Baltimore Con, unlike many other cons, has a major focus on comics.  There were many guests from the fields of entertainment related to nerd culture, but the real star of the show are the comics and the comic book creators.  Such a talented roster of creators from the Big Two at DC and Marvel, but also many independent creators.

Overall, a great experience for myself and Brother Beavis.  I look forward to making it back next year!

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