Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Trailers Before Captain Marvel

One of my favorite things to do is to check out the trailers before the movie begins to get a sense of what is coming out over the next few months.  I saw Captain Marvel last week and even tho I was hoping and praying for an Avengers: End Game trailer that did not come, I did see some trailers that may pull me back into the local cineplex. First up

Best of Enemies

Let me tell you something I am sick of.... make white people feel good about being racist movies.  From Green Book to Driving Ms. Daisy to The Upside, to this movie about a Black woman and a white man who somehow find common ground on race in North Carolina.  Man, whether based on actual events or not, these movies only serve the purpose of making white people feel good for 2 hours and then they go back to their white neighborhoods and white friends and never work to interact to deconstruct a white system designed to benefit them on the daily.  Fuck this movie and fuck everyone associated with it.


For me this is a solid, "Thank you, next".  The original Dumbo, while sad and emotionally, is also racist AF with them damn crows and I am not sure, but I know somehow, someway, director Tim Burton gonna keep the racism alive with this movie as he has not been a fan of the Negro in his movies.  Hard pass and honestly, I do not need to see live action versions of Disney "classics".  

Spider-Man: Far From Home

I am a huge Spider-Man fan and I loved Homecoming much more than my podcasting co-hosts. However, this trailer and the lead up to this movie got me feeling kinda uneasy.  Maybe it not being set in New York?  Maybe the addition of Nick Fury? Maybe the Happy and Aunt May thing?  I don't know, but this looks problematic to me on first glance and the full trailer did not make me feel any better.  I hope I am wrong.

Frozen 2( Electric Boogaloo)

Its become kinda the norm now for people to kinda diss Frozen; like I hear people saying that the movie was not all that good and that kinda talk was not happening when it came out a few years ago.  I mean did they play "Let it Go" to death?  Hell yes, but overall, that movie is solid and holds up over multiple viewings( trust me I know- my daughter makes me watch it still).  This teaser trailer didn't do or say much but I am not gonna sit here and lie to y'all like I am not gonna be there opening night!  Bring it on Elsa!!

Ugly Dolls

The only reason I know about Ugly Dolls is that Marvel Hacks Podcast co host Brother Beavis gave one to my kids when they were little.  They always kinda freaked me out a bit and the trailer is creepy, too.  Not creepy scary, creepy like I don't think Ima pay real ass money to watch some Ugly Dolls find their true meaning and purpose in life.  Feels like a Redbox or a Netflix watch for me and even then, it may not happen!

Dark Phoenix

Sigh.... If you have watched or read or listened to anything Brothascomics has done over the last 2 years, you know full well that we have no use for this movie.  Now with the Fox-Disney merger complete, this movie seems even more unnecessary.  It looks like a beat for beat remake or The Last Stand and that movie is straight ass cheeks.  The EFX look bad, Sophie Turner is a bad actress, Storm is still light skinnded, and Mystique has morphed into Jennifer Lawrence.  Maybe there is a good movie in there....maybe.  But I doubt it and thank god the Fox Mutant nightmare ends with this stinker.

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