Friday, January 5, 2018

Movie Review: Jumanji (2017)

If you have listened to anything I have recorded on a podcast, you know that as much as I like the Rock as a person/personality/wrestler/entertainer, I have generally not been a fan of his movies.  I also tend to think he works "too much" (if that is a thing) and that being visible does not necessarily mean you are making quality work.

When I heard they were remaking Jumanji- and this was shortly after the death of Robin Williams, I was so against it.  Then when I heard the premise and the casting of Kevin Hart, I was even more against it.  Please believe me, I do not hold Robin Williams or the original Jumanji in that high of regard. I just didn't think that movie or many other movies need or warrant a remake- especially with the Rock AND Kevin Hart!

Alas, tho and Christmas break with children forces you to find stuff to do with them and I was off to the Cineplex to see Jumanji 2017. And to my surprise, this movie is actually very entertaining.  The plot revolves around a group of four high school students from diverse backgrounds( think Breakfast Club) who get sent to detention and discover the Jumanji video game adaptation and play it and get sucked into the game to play it to its conclusion.  Each of the main characters have to play out as their avatr-which of course is totally  opposite of their real life persona( MESSAGE).

The movie has all the Kevin Hart humor you could want and you get to see Jack Black do Jack Black things and Karen Gilliam is around to give you a bit of sexy.  But really, the movie is based around the Rock and his ability to charm playing the high school nerd turned tough guy in the game.  He plays the role well and of course crushes the action scenes.

There is a sub plot in the movie which is a throwback to the original but I will not spoil that!  Overall, a very good movie from the Rock et al.  This still doesn't mean I need or want to see Rampage, tho!

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