Friday, June 15, 2018

Sony still trying to make Fetch a thing

Black Cat and Silver Sable Shelved

News broke this week that Sony dropped the Black Cat and silver Sable movie from their production slate.  The movie, which was probably a long shot to get made anyway, disappeared from their release calendar to not many peoples surprise.

Sony, against all conventional wisdom and common sense, continues to build up a spider man universe without using Spiderman.  As Spidey is shared between the MCU and Sony, it does not appear that Marvel wants Tom Holland appearing in any movie they do not have a say in( and who can blame them).  Sony has gone full bore into the Venom movie this fall which will be absent Peter Parker/Spider-Man and word on the Blerd streets is that most are not overly excited to see Venom without Spider-Man.

On top of that, Sony dropped news this week that they are threatening us with a Morbius movie as well.  Again, another Spider villain who without Spider-Man is just a dude in a 70's leisure suit, fangs, and a bad haircut.

I wish Sony would just stop this.  I mean full stop.  There is no real audience for these characters on the big screen without Spider-Man and even then that would be a stretch.  Black Cat is a great comic book character and she has inspired some awesome cosplay at cons across America, but is anyone really waiting with baited breath to see Felicia Hardy on the big screen?

The extended Spider-verse is really filled with one not characters who, over the course of 50 plus years, have never really been fleshed out.  That lack of serious development has left those characters as one note stereotypes full of comic book tropes carried out over the history of the book.  The characters only stay relevant because of their relationship with Spider-Man.

I guess Sony is really pining all their hopes on this Venom movie in the fall.  Maybe this movie breaks the mold of non- Peter Parker supporting cast and makes money for Sony to continue down this road to a Spider-Man extended universe. Or maybe, people want to see Spider-Man VS Venom and this movie will crash and burn.  We'll see!

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