Friday, June 15, 2018

The End of BatFleck

BatFleck Era Over

Word on the street is that Ben Affleck's run as Bruce Wayne and Batman is coming to an end as the DC cinematic universe makes changes at the top and forges a new direction and tone for their movies.  The DC slate at this moment has Aquaman coming out in December 2018, Shazam at some point in 2019, and the Wonder Woman sequel in the summer of 2019.  There is talk of a Harley Quinn movie with the Birds of Prey, two different Joker movies, and a Flash movie that is supposed to be like a Back to the Future movie and not Flashpoint which was originally announced.  Absent from that schedule are Cyborg, Superman, Green Lantern Corps, and their flagship character, Batman.  Whereas there are/were plans for a new Batman solo movie starring Ben Affleck-directed by Matthew Reeves and starring Deathstroke, those plans seems to have been scrapped or modified greatly as they look to movie Bruce/Batman into a younger character.

As much as people complained about the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, the reason the movies he appeared in failed, were not because of Ben Affleck.  Batman V Superman gave us the Sad Ben meme but his characterization of the character was not the reason the movie didn't connect with audiences.  Yes the character was a bit dark but the movie delivered by Zack Snyder was also dark.  His scenes as the brooding character matched the movie and the ridiculous ending with the Two Martha's had nothing to do with Affleck.

His next appearance in Justice League- again, not his fault.  Zack Snyder and then Joss Wheedon delivered an uneven movie with an equally uneven performance by all the characters involved.  The shortomcings of that movie had very little to do with BatFleck.  He gave a performance worthy of the writing and the direction- which both failed on multiple levels.

I think older, over this bullshit Bruce/Batman is a character worth exploring- especially if he was going to give way to either Nightwing, Red Hood, or Robin.  Building out of Batman's extended family and shifting Bruce into more of a facilitator of the Bat-Family has potential; while still pulling Batman out of the mothballs when necessary.

I can imagine Ben Affleck is probably over being Batman tho.  His performances were not appreciated by fans or critics and I get the sense he felt the material was beneath him.  Regardless, I will miss him as Bruce and Batman!

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