Wednesday, June 27, 2018

We Watched it for You: Ibiza

As many of you know, the Producer when he is not doing work for brothascomics works in the field of education.  And while that may not pay as much as it should, it does provide an extened summer vacation that allows me to catch up on movie and television shows that I am way too busy for during the school year.

A continued feature here at brothascomics is: We Watched it For You as we watch movies on Netflix and give you a review and determine if you want to spend the time watching it yourself.  As the summer vacation began, my first movie in the que was Ibiza

Ibiza Trailer

Now many of you may not have heard about Ibiza and neither had I.... until I got an Instagram account and many of the "models" I follow on IG tend to vacation there.  Ibiza is an island in Spain and, contrary to the controversy after this movie premiered, is known for its world class party scene.

This is sort of where our movie picks.... well actually it picks up in New York City as young, career woman, Harper( played by Gillian Jacobs) is sent to the island on a work trip by her boss and brings along her two best gal pals for the trip.  Now in the tradition of Girls Trip and Bridesmaids, you know shenanigans are going to follow.

At a huge party, Harper makes eye contact with the sexy, celebrity DJ and they share a moment backstage and arrange to hook up at a later date, but of course things go astray and the booty call moment is missed and the rest of the movie is spent trying to hook it back up.  Harper's two best friends of course are along for the ride and do their best to party and help their friend find the DJ as he has headed of to the island of Ibiza for another gig.

this is Rob Stark

The movie is rather predictable with the will they or wont they and the jokes follow a certain pattern and each character kind of fills the stereotypical roles, but it works out well enough.

There are all the gags you get in a raunchy movie from penis jokes, drugs, drunkenness, sex, etc but its all in good fun.  Overall the movie is perfect for Netflix viewing.  Its light, easy, funny, and besides the money you pay monthly for Netflix, relatively cheap.  Good summer viewing for couples looking for a laugh after you put your kids to sleep.

Two Thumbs Up!!

The Producer

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