Sunday, July 1, 2018

Black Nerd Prom @DragonCon

This should be shocking to no one reading this blog or listening to our podcasts... I didn't go to my high school prom.  You can also throw in Homecoming, Turn About Dances, and just about any and all high school social activities.  I was quiet and kind of a nerd/blerd and the idea of attending any of these events intimidated me because I just didn't think there were any of other kids-especially girls out there like me.

As I have gotten older, I have become less shy and the internet has opened up the world to me of all the Black Nerds that are just like me.  Sites and podcasts such as Black Girl Nerds, FanBros, and Nerds of Prey have allowed me to connect with Black people who grew up like me and shared many of my nerdly habits- while also being cool ass people who have their life together.

This year at DragonCon I was able to attend the Blerd meet up sponsored by Black Girl Nerds.  I have attended DragonCon for the last 3 years but the meet up- I was still too much into thinking people would still judge me for my habits- I know that sounds ridiculous but I was totally in my head about it.  Once I got to Joysticks- the spot for the event- I even sat in my car for 20 minutes getting myself psyched up

Once inside, I really felt like I was at home.  All these Black people sharing their love of Nerd Culture really made me feel welcomed and cherished for who I am and what I love.  We bonded and geeked out over movies, comics, pop culture and science.

Atlanta and Dragon Con provides a positive backdrop for Blerd Culture to not only exists, but to thrive.  The entire weekend was filled with meet ups, photo ops, panels. discussions, and drinks( lots of drinks) with my fellow Black Nerds.

DragonCon is like a Black Family Reunion!  We get together to enjoy each other, laugh with each other, tease each other, hug each other,  argue with each other( over superheroes of course), and of course bond with each other over a culture that was often cut off from us or not welcoming to Black Nerds.

This experience, like all of my experiences at DragonCon, have been a wonderful expression of our culture as Black Nerds. DragonCon has cultivated and grown that culture for many years and I cannot wait to get back next year!

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