Thursday, July 5, 2018

Comic Con Revolution: West Palm Beach

The good folks at Comic Con Revolution were kind enough to grant Brothascomics media credentials for their first con in West Palm Beach, Florida this year. The kids and I packed into the mini van and headed about one hour south on the Florida Turnpike to attend Comic Con Revolution! in Orlando for the first time. The mission of brothascomics is to bring you convention coverage for people who have not attended cons before or who have trepidation about doing so.  In the past, conventions have not been the most friendly to people of color.  We aim to help ease those fears by reviewing the con experience and by encouraging people to attend!!

The Badge Process

This is one of the most critical ..... of the comic con convention experience.  It seems like its not a big deal but its a huge deal.  This is the first impression after people get into the convention center and if this process delays people getting in, its a bad first impression.  At Revolution the process was fairly easy. With Media access, we picked up out badges in a different area, but I still needed to pick up badges for my kids.  The lines were not excessively long and volunteers were around to assist customers who looked to be lost.  As we say with all our con reviews tho... if its possible, pick up your badge early so you can avoid the lines.

Con Size

Revolution is a one day comic con experience.  Unlike other cons that go for the entire weekend( sometimes even four days), this is a one day event that still had guests and panels. but just on the Saturday.  The event space in the convention center was spacious enough with room for all the vendors and guests.  The panels were held in conference rooms outside of the main hall and were spaced out enough for you to plan out your whole day.

The Guest List

For a first year con, Revolution had a great mix of pop culture and comic book artists.  I was able to meet and interview Archie artist Joe Eisma, cover artist Greg Land, and artist Vanessa Del Ray.  In addition, I was able to interview Ming Chen of the AMC's Comic Book Men.  All were very nice and really seemed to enjoy talking to their fans.  Often tines, some creators don't engage with the public but many of the guests were very out going in meeting fans.


We always look to spotlight cosplayers- especially cosplayers of color as we admire their dedication to their characters ans craft.  Well done folks!

Overall, a great experience!  Cannot wait for next year. I hope the con expands into two or three days, expands its guest list, and grows more and more each year!  Great work by the folks at West Palm Beach Comic Con Revolution!!

The Producer


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