Saturday, July 14, 2018

We Watched it For You: Death of Superman 2018

Stop me if you heard this one before.... there is a story by DC about the Death of Superman!  Whether in the comic book, on Justice League Unlimited, in a full feature animated movie, in Batman V Superman, and now in The Death of Superman( 2018), DC goes back to the well to tell us the story of Superman dying at the hands of Doomsday.  I mean, this is not even a spoiler alert at this point.

This 2018 version has Clark/Superman as a member of the Justice League and  in a secret relationship with Lois Lane.  This is the full on hope version of Superman- the people look up to him and love him and expect to be there for them whenever things go wrong.

At the same time, he is troubled by his burgeoning relationship with Lois which is on the down low- which Clark loves because of his secret identity.  But Lois is looking for more and wanting more and a visit from Ma and Pa Kent she feels is a perfect time to get to know Clark better.

Meanwhile. something has come from the sky and landed itself on Earth.  Everyone is curious as to what fell from the sky- including Lex Luthor who sends out an expedition to the ocean to discover the mystery.  Of course its Doomsday and they offer no real explanation as to why Doomsday fell to Earth but for the most part I guess that does not matter.

Doomsday, like all other versions of this story, makes his way through everyone until we get our final boss battle with Superman.  The Justice League play a support role in this and you get some solid, classic animation battles, but we all came for the match up between Superman and Doomsday!

We all know how this ends though. so I am not really spoiling anything.  How they get to that point is a bit different than the previous animation version, but the conclusion is just the same.  More than anything, stay for the four post credit scenes which seem to be setting up a sequel that will more closely mirror the comic book version of the Death of Superman.

Overall, a solid addition from DC Animation; although not markedly better than the Superman: Doomsday movie.  They truly have a much better grasp of their characters in animation than they do in live action- especially Superman.  I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up!!

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