Sunday, July 15, 2018

Movie Review: I Feel Pretty

We here @brothascomics took one for the team this week.  Truth be told, I have never understood America's ( white) fascination with Amy Schumur. I mean, she is not really funny, but for some reason, she is an icon of younger, white women who view her as some cross between feminist icon and comedy genius.

Her movies have been hit or miss at the box office and her latest offering is more of the same.  Schumur stars as Renee, a website designer living in New York City struggling to be at peace with herself and find love in the Big City.  She feels she is too big and, like most people, joins a gym to knock off those excess pounds to feel better about herself.

Unfortunately, at the gym one day, she falls and hits her head on the ground and wakes up with this unbelievable view of herself as a fit and pretty girl in New York.  Yet, she is the only person who can see herself this way and her new found confidence gets her a job at a top New York Fashion company, but alienates her old friends who don't see her the way she sees herself.

There is a B-plot love interest story, but really the movie is about Renee's journey to feel comfortable with who she is as a person.  The movie borrows from Big( the Tom Hanks movie) and has a few laughs here and there, but overall, it falls flat in both the comedy and the drama.

Granted, I am not the target audience here for this movie and come in to it with my own personal bias against Schumur.  I am sure a young woman would view this movie quite differently than me and I fully understand that.

I give it a thumbs down for me, tho

The Producer

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