Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Titans TV Show Costumes

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When the first images of the Titans tv show showed up on line, people were rightfully concerned.  People thought it looked kinda cheesy, like poor cosplay.  And it Starfire's instance, like... people took it to a whole other level in terms of what or who she was representing.  DC fan and DC executives were like, " Chill out- the CGI is not done".  And for me, I accepted that because I remember how much we all freaked out at the first appearance of Apocalypse in the X-Men movie- even tho that movie turned out to be ass cheeks.

Well, as we get closer and closer to the launch of the DC streaming service, we are getting more and more images of Titans and ... well, lets just look at them and describe the carnage


I am starting with Robin because he is by far the best looking of the bunch of them.  Costume looks very similar to comic book represenaton and as the leader of the Titans, its nice that he has a costume that is familiar to fans who may not be hardcore comic book fans.

Beast Boy

Things start to fall apart pretty quickly.  To qoute my friend Anna from @annareadscomics( follow her), she said he looks like he was slimed on Nickelodeon and its true.  His "costume" is a piss poor Thriller jacket.  You could see this outfit on any emo teenager at the mall hanging outside of Hot Topixx.  This is not even poor cosplay- its just a kid with a bad green dye job and a jacket from Goodwill.


The reason some of these shows are not successful is because they take deeply troubled characters and dye their hair and put them in all black clothes and now she is the "moody one".  Raven is such a complex character and to have her reduced to a character from the Descendants is a disservice to the character. 


I am going to choose my words carefully here.  You see, many people( white fanboys) are going to point to this moment/character as to why this show will, in their opinion, fail.  They will wail and scream that race bending the character is the reason the show sucks and SJW's and blah, blah, blah.  Now how are we race bending and orange alien aside, I am not sure how the producers of this show came up with this look.  On top of that, the wig is atrocious, and, lets keep it real, having a Black Woman character dressed this way is sending out a certain signal that is shady at best and racist at worst.

Look, for me, this show was a no go anyway.  The Titans have solid representations of their characters already in comics, movies, and two super popular cartoons.  I did not need to see a Titans live action show and I damn sure didn't need it on an additional streaming platform.  These pictures are InHuman levels of bad and we saw how that turned out.

Look hopefully its good, but the early returns look straight awful and I hope it looks better before the show premiers next year.

The Producer

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