Monday, March 7, 2016

Gambit still not in Production

Gambit moved, 2 new Fox release dates

Not that it was lost in the news that Fox announced two new movie dates for October  2017 and January 2018, was the fact that Gambit was moved off its October 2016 date and that the film is not yet in production.  The Gambit movie, set to star with Channing Tatum as Gambit, has been troubled from the beginning. There have been script rewrites, 2 directors have dropped out, and there is a sense of general uneasiness my many fanboys and fangirls about Tatum's ability to play our favorite Cajun mutant. Top that off with an alleged 125 million dollar budget and the overwhelming success of Deadpool this winter, it seems the Gambit movie is again in development hell.  Both new dates would work for the Gambit movie and my thought would be October 2017 to give the movie a less stressed production schedule.

We at @brothascomics( well at least 4/5th of us) have been on the record for many months now that we are not sure that the movie should even be made. We feel that the character is a bit 2 dimensional and he may not translate onto the big screen well.  If nothing else, introduce the character into an established Xmen movie before spinning him off into a solo movie.  Its a huge risk on Fox's part- to me even bigger than Deadpool- because most peoples impressions of Gambit are based on the 1992 Xmen cartoon!  And even tho that character was quite fun, its a marked difference from the comic version and you would assume a total 180 degree change from the movie version.

So where does Gambit go from here?  This seems like a passion project for Channing Tatum.  I do not think the movie gets made at all if he drops out of it.  Very similar to Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool, Tatum seems committed to making this movie happen- even with all the roadblocks and challenges the movie has already seen.  Besides the super rushed schedule it would have been under, these are my thoughts as to why the date was moved.

1. More script issues.  They have decided to tell an origin story and those can be tricky AND Gambit's origin is kinda kooky.  It seems the original script was gonna deal with the Thieves and Assassins Guild and his relationship with Bella Donna. Maybe Fox sees that as too similar to Deadpool and Vanessa.  Do they stick with that or go in another direction?  Possibly new director Doug Liman has a vision for the character that differs from previous script writers and they are taking their time to get it fixed so they are not writing script while they film which almost always turns out bad.

2. Budget. Deadpool just proved you can get bank for your buck at under $100 million production budget.  Gambit was projected at $125 million.  Do they go back and scale it back to a more reasonable budget? I wasn't sure this movie needed that big of a budget to begin with- especially if you're doing Thieves Guild stuff and without a major villain( at least yet to be revealed).

3, R Rating. Script rewrite also make take the movie in a different direction.  Gambit, in New Orleans... Mardi Gras scenes... could make for some sex,  nudity, and language changes for a character that actually could support those type of shenanigans. Plus #FoxgonnaFox and since Deadpool was R and was successful, they may attempt to copy that!

All in all, I am still skeptical this movie gets made. I  have already resolved myself to the fact that its going to be Channing Tatum. Who knows, he may surprise us all and pull it off. I think the bigger worry is if there is enough built in interest in the character to support this solo effort and what its actually going to look like when it makes it on screen.  What I do know is the problems surrounding this movie are real and if they move forward without fixing them, we could have another Green Lantern on our hands and nobody wants to relive that shit!

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