Monday, March 7, 2016

Brothascomics: Week in Review

We had a great week last week in terms of content and I wanted to let people find one place where they could catch up and post some information about what is upcoming.  Remember all podcast can be listened to on Soundcloud or on ITunes

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Counselor Interview

We interviewed the creator and stars of the web series Counselor.  We had a chance to talk to writer/director Harold Jackson III and stars Chad Eric Smith and Curtiss Cook.  We talked about the series, and how it came about, and the writing, acting, and directing process.  Its probably one of our best interviews and each of these dudes talent shines.  Its also a very funny interview so you should listen to that podcast and be sure to watch the webseries on line.

Counselor Podcast

Counselor Webseries

Also @brothascomics podcast this past week talked about our favorite Black Sitcoms of all time( No Cosby)! We run down our top five and discuss is Chappelle Show is a sitcom.  Grab a drink and take a listen to podcast 26.

Podcast 26: Black Sitcoms

We also continued our review of OG Secret Wars( 1984) with issues 9-10.  Join The Producer, Sandman, and Brother Beavis as we review the book and continue to run down Cuckold Colossus and the terrible handling of James Rhodes as Iron Man.

OG Secret Wars Podcast pt 5

Lastly, if you are a Bengals fan, we also jumped back in with the Who Dey over 40 Podcast.  Big Hutch, The Producer, and Sandman talk upcoming free agency and the draft.  We also talk the lingering hangover from that Stealers loss.

Upcoming this week, we will have OG Podcast 6 as we conclude the series.  Brothascomics will  have Podcast 26 as we get ready for Batman V Superman! We are back on the #Xmen92 livetweet Saturday morning at 10:00 AM and we also will have the #BSG78 livetweet on Sunday at 6:00 PM!

Lost of information and content for you to join in on.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and on

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