Monday, October 17, 2016

Death of X Review

If rumors are to be believed, Death of X as the lead in to Xmen Vs InHumans is going to leave our mighty mutant friends in a version of comic book limbo.  Word on the streets for months has been that Marvel comics and their Disney overlords are going to drop the Fantastic Four bomb on the X-Men.  This bomb would essentially cancel many X-books and spread out the X-Men into other Marvel titles.  Disney/Marvel's goal is to regain control of the X-property for their cinematic purposes.  Again, its just a rumor.  But the rise of the InHumans and the dwindling mutant population in the comics gives it some credibility.

Death of X picks up in the year missing between the present and post Secret Wars.  Cyclops is dead in our current continuity and this story is to fill in the gaps as to how that happened.  The book looks at the current state of both teams from their different perspectives.

The InHumans are riding high.  The Terrigen mist has been released and new InHumans are popping up everywhere.  The fact that a smog is sweeping the world is not scaring people- they are craving it and wanting it hoping that it will unleash the power within them. Crystal and the other InHumans are in Japan overseeing the coming of the mist.

The X-Men however, are looking into the mist as well as it was swept through Muir Island and they received a distress call from the island.  The Island is in shambles as well the science facility and the workers there are all dead.  The team, led by Cyclops and Emma Frost, are exploring to see what happens.  They see the mist and it seems to be effecting Cyclops more than any of the others.

In Japan, the mist has found 1 person that is transformed into an InHuman.  Of course, this is a comic and Hydra shows up to battle the InHumans and we get pages of battle between the two groups.  Its typical comic book stuff and really adds nothing to the story other than the reveal of the new InHuman.

Back on Muir Island, there is a death to a long time mutant that I wont reveal and the discovery of the research into the mist.  That info is quickly sent to Beast who is very concerned about the initial findings.  Short thereafter, Cyclops collapses and you are not sure if he is alive or dead.

But as the book comes to a close, Hydra is defeated and Cyclops is not dead.... Again this is spoiler free but the groundwork gets laid for the battle to come.

Overall, I thought the book was lacking and seemed to be more of a place holder for the X-Men VS InHuman books.  I am just not sure where they are headed with this.  My prediction is whatever version of Cyclops that has turned crazy over the last 5 years will be eliminated somehow.  They took the character way off base and turned him into Magneto and ruined him.  Its no coincidence that teenage Cyclops from an alternate reality is here and in the Champions.  Additionally, it seems these two groups of characters, who are very similar now, cannot co-exist so one of them has to lose and sadly I think it will be the X-Men.  Of course its comics and this could be a temporary leave of absence until the next relaunch of X-books but how we get there and when it happens- I wont be around for it. So thumbs down to Death of X #1.  I will check out the X-Men VS InHuman books instead.

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