Friday, November 24, 2017

Comic Book Post Credit Scenes

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Wolverine Returns

Wolverine is back... not Old Man Logan.... real Wolverine is back.  This was teased in the Marvel Legacy One shot and now Marvel is going to let us know where Wolverine has been all this time since his death.

But in a bit of a curveball, instead of creating a mini-series about his return, Marvel will be telling this of Wolverine's return in the back pages of current comic books.  Not unlike older comics used to have untold, in continuity stories in the back of their comic books.

Wolverine's return will be told in the pages of  Captain America #697, Thor #703, and Spider-Man #794.  These are being billed as " Post Credit Scenes" as a nod to Marvel Cinematic who has owned the game on teasing upcoming movies post credits.

I am not sure how I feel about this yet.  I like Wolverine returning, but I would much rather read and pay for a Wolverine one shot instead of having to pay for 3 books to read this one story.  Cool idea and concept but not sure if I'm down with it

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