Friday, November 24, 2017

Superman wants a Superman Movie

As the deconstruction of Justice League continues, one of the consistent positive themes coming out of the movie is about the reintroduction of Superman.  Forget the idea of how it happened and the CGI missing beard, most fans were happy to see a return of  Superman that was all about hope and inspiration as opposed to the moody, emo killer that Zack Snyder gave us in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman.

Well guess what, we were not the only ones who long for a return of a Superman we can believe in. In an interview with The LA Times, Cavill indicated that he thinks its time to return to a Superman in all his color with a sense of hope and happiness.

I agree with him about this, but I am not sure if they can head back in that direction at this point.  The images and the damage that was done to the Superman character through Man of Steel and Batman V Superman was severe and I am not sure if they can get back to hope with Kal-El.  And even tho, Justice League did a good job of resetting the narrative, the movie has left a bad taste in fans mouths and a Man of Steel sequel at this time, to me, seems unheard of.

This is more proof positive to me that Zack Snyder should've never been placed in charge of Superman.  He did not understand the character and what makes him popular with so many fans over all these years.

Word has it that Matthew Vaughn would be the director of a Man of Steel sequel.  Whereas that does not do much to ease my feelings of uneasiness, its at least a step in a more hopeful direction for Superman.  Let's see if WB executives have any Hope left in Superman!

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