Friday, July 19, 2019

Fleabag TV Review

As a part of the human condition, we often seek out any and all outlets to avoid dealing with painful shit that life puts us through.  Some people drink to numb the pain, some people shop, and some people fill their life with things and people just to not deal with real emotions because they can be overwhelming.  And in that thinking, our judgment about who we are and how people see us can define us and nudge us into making even more poor decisions.

Its in this breath, the Amazon Prime show, Fleabag lives.  Our title character is Fleabag, even tho no ones calls her by that name.  And like most of us, life has dealt her some serious tragedies and instead of seeking help to move past those issues, Fleabag makes compromised life decisions that often makes life worse, not better.

Now you would think with that lead in, I was talking about a drama- and this show definitely has dramatic moments to it.  But this is a comedy.  A hilariously written comedy, by the shows star, Phoebe Waller-Bridge.  Fleabag the tv show is an adaptation of a play that she had written and starred in herself.  Fleabag is a single woman living in London in the aftermath of those two tragic events. She has a loving, supportive live-in boyfriend who she is entirely bored with.  She has an over achieving sister who is not Fleabags biggest fan, and she has a father who has grown quite distant over the past few years.  Top that off with a failing business and you have a therapists dream patient.

The show is cleverly written and its punctuated by Fleabag constantly breaking the 4th wall and speaking directly to the viewers as things fall apart in her life.  Its quite brilliant really because often she is speaking exactly what the viewers are thinking. The humor is biting, sarcastic, and in some of its best moment, wonderfully vulgar.  It pushes the boundaries of what the viewer would find acceptable and makes you think how you would handle a situation.

There are two seasons; each with 6, 30 minute episodes.   Season one focuses on Fleabag's relationship with her sister, Claire and how their relationship is strained( at best) and on Fleabags many dating and relationship issues.   Also, there is a tragedy that I do not want to spoil that gives you more insight into how a seemingly well put together person can consistently make terrible decisions.  Season 2 focuses on Fleabag's dads marriage to their Godmother and Fleabags attraction to the Catholic priest who is set to marry them.  Season two is as consistently strong as season 1. 

Fleabag is incredibly funny, yet dramatic without being overly preachy.  The characters feel authentic and the actors and dialogue are incredible.  So, try a new show out!  Fleabag will not disappoint!!

The Producer 

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