Saturday, April 18, 2020

Farewell to Con Season

SDCC Cancelled

With the news yesterday that San Diego Comic Con was cancelling itself for the first time in 50-plus years, it was the strawberry on the top of the end of comic con season for 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

It was the right call and no matter how disappointed you or your crew of nerds are, there is no way you could pack that many con goers into that convention center and not expect an outbreak of sick people.  Add to the fact that comic cons, under normal circumstances, are incubators for illness( Con Crud, anyone?), this is really was a no brainer.  The people to most feel sorry for are the creators who use the conventions to make money selling their drawings, writings, etc.  Plus the vendors who use the conventions to sell merchandise.  This is a true loss for them in their pockets.

All across the country, cons have been either cancelled or postponed.  My two local conventions, MegaCon Orlando and Florida Supercon, both moved off their original start dates and, honestly, with a later start date in the summer, I am not sure I will risk being around thousands of people just to satisfy my geekly habits.  I have the Con of Thrones(Game of Thrones Con) this summer in July and I wonder if that will even happen or if I will even go at this point.  As consumers, we have to way the risk v reward in these situations. Yes, I would love to mingle and hang with fans of a show that I love.  But is that worth risking getting sick and bringing that illness back to my family; no matter how small the chance is.

For me, my year is built around attending DragonCon in Atlanta on Labor Day Weekend and I have to wonder if by late August/ early September we will be past this.  DragonCon is like a family reunion for me as I get to see people I have not seen in a whole year.  We laugh, we drink, we takes pictures, and hang out for 3 whole days and just celebrate our Black Nerdness. Missing DragonCon would hurt more than the others.  Regardless, the safety of all trumps the wants of many and I hope the people of DragonCon make the best decision for all in this instance.

The Producer

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