Tuesday, April 11, 2017

After 7 Years, 11 Months and 25 Days........

I finally got Tickets to Comic Con in San Diego, California. This was on my Bucket List and it looks like it will be getting lined out  in 100 days.  I received my registration email last Wednesday, like I always have for the past 8 years. I only log on twice a year- Once because I forgot my password from the year before ,and the 60 minutes of the Blue Circle of Dream Crush ,(BCoDC) in the waiting room .

 On Saturday, April 8, I woke up at 4:30 am ET.  Then  I started the process of setting up my 5 year old , 1.0 GB RAM Toshiba Satellite laptop to jockey for a position in the BCoDC. Forums I reviewed stated to try on a Desktop with a LAN Connection to ensure your WIFI doesn't  tip. I was going to buy a desktop, but I'm Cheap !!!! I defrag'd my hard drives 530 GBs and dumped my cookies.  It was only 5:10 am ET   

   Cut to 11:09 am ET

      I logged into the SDComiccon.com website. The first Banner as in Yellow saying  " You're really early." Last year I logged in at 11:00 am ET while playing Pathfinder at my friends house and got the BOZAK !!  This is my log of the events this year :

11:10am-  11:59am   The Room MOD   made jokes about Wookies, Archer, Power Rangers, and the Vision.

you also saw this

12:00 pm   - The Herding started. There must have been 50K  in that room

12:04 pm  - Still spinning.  Friend in Nevada said I could stay with him ---  it's only  5 hrs  away  !!!!

12:06 pm  - Nothing. Glad I played Georgia Lottery earlier .
                    Message  reads  "Badge Inventory being monitored "
12:08 pm  Thoughts of  HBO Show  Silicon Valley go through my head--Great Show

12:09 pm ---Feeling like Charlie Brown. I wonder how many badges have gone ? Hotel Room, Food ?,Travel,Time off Work?... #Bucket List

Pulled out Discover card. Hope it pays . started drinking Stella Artois

12:13 pm  ---BCoDC still spinning not looking good. Only want  weekend or nothing....

12:19 pm --- Banner reads  Preview Night Wednesday Running Low -- Fuck !!
one beer down

12:20 pm --- Fuck Another Beer

12:24 pm Still spinning

12:25 pm Feel like Charlie from the Chocolate Factory . Hate rich kids 

12:27 pm -- Preview Night is Sold Out

12:30 pm --Missing GA Lottery

12:35 pm  -- Not looking great

12:38 pm  --   Starting to get tired. walked away

12:39 pm --  Saturday Badge Inventory Low- fuck

12:40 pm -  Yellow Banner Reads  " If you are using a Tablet or phone, your basically Fucked. " (It didn't read that, but that's what it meant !)

12:41 pm  -  And Lucy has that look in her eyes 

12:43 pm -- Banner reads Saturday Badges are gone   # Bengals in Playoffs under Marvin Lewis 0-7

12: 45 pm --  The BCoDC stops spinning  and I get a page I've never seen before ...

Congrats you have been randomly selected to get tickets .

 12:51 pm - I bought a Thursday, Friday and Sunday Badge   = $160.00.  They don't take Discover  #Shit

12:52 pm - I' m going to Comic Con  ... More to come

Big Hutch

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