Tuesday, April 25, 2017


SC Comicon

As some of you may already know from our Facebook and Podcast that Hutch and I attended the SC ComicCon this year.  This is the second year we have attended the SC ComicCon.  Last year, I have to admit that I had a wonderful time and this year was no different.  I was pleasantly surprised by the size, content and the Cosplay that we were able to witness.  

I will begin with some of the crafts and vendors.  I do believe that the comic-cons are focusing more on attracting women with things that would appeal more to women, such as jewelry, crafts and accessories.  I, of course, always get taken in by the jewelry.  Last year, my focus was on finding jewelry that celebrated female super heroes/villains, along with Steampunk inspired items.  I was fortunate enough to find several items to fit that description.  This year, it was pretty much the same focus, and again I found several items.  Some pieces that I picked up were a Princess Leia Lego figure necklace and some Pacman/Ms. Pacman earrings.  I was trying to find pieces centered on Princess Leia due to the passing of Carrie Fisher.  

Image result for princess leia lego necklace

Also, the Cosplay was pretty impressive as well.  There were some great costumes that had a great deal of detail.  I really love how the entire family is participating in Cosplay and seem to enjoy the festivities.  Some of the great Cosplay that I witness was from Star Wars, someone dressed as Barb from Stranger Things, Harlequin in various forms, Labyrinth (tribute to David Bowie), Spider-man (Miles Morales) with Deadpool & Daredevil as his cohorts.  There also was a really cool, fully functional R2-D2.  There was some great creativity and artistry displayed.

Now, one of the main reasons that Hutch and I get geeked about going to SC ComicCon other than the attraction of the festivities, is this great rib joint that is located only in South Carolina.  The name is Henry’s Smokehouse, this place has some of the best ribs I have ever tasted.  The meat is tender to the touch and literally falls off the bone and the sauce is on-point.  It appears to be a small Mom/Pop spot that is always hopping for a very good reason.  I highly recommend it, if you are every in that vicinity.  It is well worth the visit. 

Overall, a great time was had and I would definitely recommend the SC ComicCon.  It is not too big, very reasonably priced, lots of creativity and artistry, and a nice size where you can comfortably enjoy everything.

WELL WORTH IT!!       TWO THUMBS UP!!!    Image result for Picture of two thumbs up


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