Tuesday, April 25, 2017


 From Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis:


  To  -What's Love Got to Do With It..........


  Can't two fictional black folks get along ?? I know the Black Panther gave Storm the Annulment. I know Storm put together her revenge body and bad mouthed the King to Kitty and Oprah. But Dammit I know somehow, someway, these two can get back to the love they have for each other.  Can't Captain Negro Falcon throw a House Party and invite these two by mistake (not Really). It works in the non -Tyler Perry Movies!!

  If that don't work, The other method is the Nine Months " It's Yours !!"  Method  !!

Batman got yoked by Talia with this method. Surely T'Challa doesn't want to be on The Muray Show trying to deny it  .

Please Don't meet at the 7-11 near Xavier's Mansion every two weeks and exchange the kid and his pampers. Do the right thing and live together for the child's sake. Marvel work it out!

Big Hutch

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