Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Is it worth a RedBox: Nine Lives

The short answer to is this movie worth a Redbox is NO. I am not sure how many extra words I need to write to let you know why its a NO, but no matter what- when you get to the end of this review, the answer will be NO.  Feel free to donate that $1.50 to brothascomics if you really feeling the need to spend it.

Kevin Spacey plays a New York executive who is rich beyond measure and twice as busy.  His family is completely ignored( his wife is played by Jennifer Garner) because nothing matters to him more than being rich and famous and the King of New York.

His daughter has a birthday coming and in the past, he has missed several of her birthdays because of work.  Her desire for many years was to get a cat for a present and this is the year that is going to happen.  Of course, shenanigans ensue when he buys the cat from Christopher Walkens character, gets struck by lighting, and winds up in the body of the cat.  There is also the wicked ex wife, the mean girl/bully, and Mark Conseulos.  I mean, that should be more than enough to have you push next on the RedBox screen.

Every tired cat joke and trope is rolled out as Kevin Spacey the cat eventually realizes that money and fame wont make him happy- only his family will.  There are plenty of pratt falls and overacting to last a lifetime in this movie and its really just sad and makes me wonder how many Brink trucks of money did they have to drop off at Mr. Spacey's house to get him to do this movie.

Its only plus is that its geared towards kids and in the summer, you may be struggling to find an appropriate movie the entire family can watch.  In that case, I would totally understand why a family would rent this.  Beyond that, its terrible and truly a waste of the talents of the actors involved.

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