Thursday, December 27, 2018

Trailers before Enter the Spiderverse

Before Enter the Spiderverse began, here is a review of the trailers that played before the main feature. Mind you I was hoping for the Avengers: End Game trailer or maybe Captain Marvel.... and I got neither.  The Regal Cinema in my home spot is not big on running trailers for comic book movies and I usually end up with trailers for scary movies( that ya'll know I don't mess with).  This week tho, trailers are full of Christs' love!!

First up, Secret Life of Pets 2. I saw the first one. I don't remember much about it other than Kevin Hart playing a white bunny.  Well he is back and if you enjoy Kevin Hart playing a white bunny, you will probably enjoy this movie.  Its a full on pass for me tho and you can take Kevin Hart with you, too!!

This movie Overcomer is a faith based movie.  I saw the trailer, and like most faith based movies, its about as subtle as a sledge hammer.  Look, I am not the one to run down faith or Jesus.  However, these movies, for all the well intention, tend to grossly overlook the shortcomings of human beings to wrap things up in Christ love in an hour and a half.  Plus, whatever this story is, its gonna take on( literally) a white- savior trope based on the casting.  Additionally, these movies NEVER address the underlying racism that often drives so- called people of faith.  So, its no Bueno for me.  Pray for my soul tho!

Breakthrough.... it stars the lady from This is Us about a boy who falls through some ice and is brought back to life in a miraculous way.  The dude who plays Luke Cage on Netflix is also in it.  Its based on a true story.... Again, if this is what inspires you, I am not gonna rain on your parade.  Its a non starter for me( keep praying for my soul)

Um, if you click this trailer, you will have seen the movie.  Like for real, it gives away the plot, climax, and ending in these 2- plus minutes.  Not really a faith based movie, but it kinda is, too.  Look, I love dogs!  But I am not watching a movie about a lost dog finding its way home.  Plus, there is some shenanigans in the trailer with a cougar.  Hard pass for me( I still may be in need of prayer)!

Last, but certainly not least, Bumblebee.  Let me first say that if you enjoyed any of the Michael Bay Transformer movies, we really cannot be friends.  Secondly, I actually saw this movie already and will write the review in a bit.  The trailer is a good look inside the movie for the tone of the movie.  For the most part, it plays itself way more serious( in a good way), than they Bay movies and this would have been ( and maybe is) a good kickstart to a Transformers universe.  Fun trailer and a fun movie.  Highly recommended!!

The Producer

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