Tuesday, October 6, 2015

RIP Will Smith A List Movie Star

Before people accuse me of hate of Will Smith, you have to understand that I been a Fresh Prince/Will Smith fan for a long time.  First musically, then as tv star, then as a movie star, Will Smith has gotten alot of money from the Producer. So nobody could really come at me and say I'm hatin' on Will Smith.  If I am hatin' on anything, I hate the fact that his career has gotten to this point where now he and Jazzy Jeff are going on a world tour this summer.
Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince to World Tour

Werd?  This is where we are Will Smith?  First off, lets look at this musically before we dissect the rest of this awful news.  In the 80's, I woulda lightweight been ready to fight you if you told me Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince was corny. Like throw hands fight, not argue.  I have all these on album, tape, and CD!

But even if you a huge fan like I am/was, what songs are you trying to hear off any of their albums?

Their discology is a nice mix of straight 80's happy rap and some nice Jazzy Jeff DJ mixes but there aren't too many songs they gonna be able to pull off to get a crowd jumping, let alone get people to be dropping $80 on concert tickets.

Rock the House is followed up by the double album, He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper. There are a couple of songs on here that people would want to hear live, I think- and Parents Just Don't Understand ain't one of them!  Like for real, if they somehow played that at a concert, people should start asking for their money back during the concert.
But remember this double album was raps on album 1, and DJ Jazzy Jeff mixes on album 2.
But Pump up the Bass and Here we go Again could definitely get some live concert play.

Once the Fresh Prince became a hit tv show for him, he and Jazzy Jeff put out less music and what they did put out, people( at least this person) wasn't trying to hear too much of it.  They followed up He's the DJ.... with And in This Corner which is totally wack ( but I own it) and has no songs on it that you would need or want to hear again.  They trying to play, " I think I can beat Mike Tyson" in concert? You paying to hear that shit?!

At this point, musically I'm off the map with the Fresh Prince.  When they release Homebase in 1991, Summertime is a huge hit but if you can name another song off that album, brothascomics will lead a slow clap for you.
And once he drops the Fresh Prince moniker and becomes Will Smith as a rapper, I think his music becomes even became wacker.  I mean yes, "Gettin' Jiggy" and "Miami" are fun songs to hear( I guess) but are you really headed to a concert venue to see this?

Remember, rap is really about a DJ and an MC who can move the crowd and as much as it might be fun to hear a couple of those songs, I don't think the nostalgia for Will Smith the rapper is out there.  What I miss is Will Smith the A list actor! I'm nostalgic for that!  I miss the dude who could open up a movie with talent and personality alone.  He did not need a sidekick other than ugly aliens or faceless robots to make people line up to see his movies.  I miss that Will Smith!  I miss the Will Smith who took chances with roles in Ali, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and hell, even Seven Pounds.  That Will Smith tried new things and even tho it led to a facecrack on Seven Pounds, at least you stretched yourself as an actor.  Since then, its been all downhill with a terrible Men in Black three-quel, After Earth, and an average Focus movie.  Next up, this Concussion movie where Will is attempting to pull off an African accent( ask Halle Berry how that went).  Hopefully this is a hit for you and proves once again, you are the star that we always felt you were.

But I have a feeling, this is not a career upswing.  This is a total down swing and we are grasping at any and all things that will remind people how much we loved you.  The talk of a Fresh Prince remake, Bad Boys 3 and 4, and now touring with Jazzy Jeff....

Hopefully it all works out.  I know I am cheering for you, along with millions of other fans. But please oh please, do not play Parent's just don't Understand or Wild Wild West in a concert, ok?  Ain't nobody trying to hear that shit ever again!

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