Monday, February 22, 2016

Middle GA Comic-Con

Blerd Dad here.  I wanted to drop this post in about the con I attended this past weekend.  It was the Middle Georgia Comic Con located in Macon, Georgia.  Now I live outside of Atlanta and making a trip down to Macon is about a 90 minute drive so me and the kids piled into my bucket of bolts and headed down for Saturday.  I had never been to Macon or to Middle Ga Con so I wanted to leave you with my impressions.  Maybe you saw me there! I was the guy in the brothascomics t-shirt!

First, people were very nice.  The registration and badge process was very easy and did not have the huge delays that can often happen to people who do not pick up their badges early or who are only attending the con for one day.  Plus, kids got in for free and economics blerd dad appreciated that greatly. This is not a large con, its a much smaller con and for someone with smaller/younger kids, it was very easy to get around.

Second, the vendors and space were nice.  My kids were able to get some toys that were priced properly and we did not feel like we were getting gouged for merchandise.  There was a way overpriced Nintendo, buy beyond that, we were able to find the toys we were looking for and for decent prices.

There were quite a few artists and creators throughout the con.  I was able to meet the creator of Battle of Ozellberg, Deon Brown and interview him.  I purchased his book and its great and it was very nice of him to talk with us.

I was also able to meet and chat with Moses J Moseley from the Walking Dead about his role on the show.  Moses was also very nice and was very easy to talk to.  Often times at cons, creators and guests have an attitude about being there.  Both Moses and Deon were great to us!

Lastly, they had a screening room showing Marvel movies!  The kids and I stopped in to watch a little bit of Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, and Captain America: Winter Soldier.  Even tho we have seen those movies multiple times, to watch it with fans and get their reactions makes the experience more enjoyable.

If I had any real complaints, there was not a lot of cosplay and the gaming portions were strictly RPG's and Smash Brothers- which my kids do not play.  But those who do play were having a great time!

Overall, a very enjoyable experience for me and my kids.  If you live in the Southeast, this is a fun, annual con to check out.  Very family friendly and not so large that it overwhelms you!  We will definitely be coming back next year!

The Producer

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