Friday, May 6, 2016

Trailers before Civil War

For some reason when I attend movies at the AMC in my town, the trailers tend to be totally unrelated to the movie I am there to see.  Before Civil War, there was close to 20 minutes of trailers before the movie began.

Money Monster

I do not personally fuck with George Clooney movies and lose me for this " poor white person lost their money".  Alot of people lost their money when the market crashed, but you could not have a black person rush on live tv with a gun without being shot and killed on live tv.  The movie seems like an Oscar Bait movie and seems weird for a spring/summer release.  Ima pass on this one!

The Secret Life of Pets
This seems like an animated version of Cats V Dogs.  Its made by the people who made Minions and they are quick to remind you of this.  I have a daughter who will probably make me see this because she is 9 and is into stuff like this.  On my own, I would pass, tho.

The Free State of Jones

Allow me to vent.... Fuck Matthew McConauhey. Like fuck him!  This is movie is about some former rebellion solider in the Civil War who "rebels" against the confederacy to take back land lost in the Civil War. Of course he fights with former slaves and marries a black woman and creates a mix raced, post Civil War... blah blah blah.  Later for this shit. Hollywood loves to glamorize the confederacy when in actuality, they was a bunch of terrorist and now they play into that " well some slaves fought for the confederacy" lunacy.  Enough with movies about the Civil War, slavery, and the Confederacy. I am way past all that shit! Hell no I am not seeing this! Burn it with fire!

Jason Bourne

Nerd confession... I have never fully seen a Bourne movie. I am not a big fan of Matt Damon and that was before his whitesplaining incident with Effie Brown last year.  This wont be the start of me liking him so I am out on this one, too.  I am down for any and all comebacks with Julia Stiles tho!

Independence Day: Resurrection

I was not as a big of a fan of the original movie as most people are. I think it starts well, but the middle and end of that movie is awful.  I think one of the guys from Geekin over 40 stated that this movie should end with the aliens winning and ruling over us.  That would be awesome. But alas, it wont happen. No Will Smith, who needs a hit badly! If he passed on this, its probably not a good movie so Ima pass on this one, too.  Also, a female becomes president and the aliens attack.... Vote Hilary!

Suicide Squad

So I am in a comic book movie and finally get a comic book trailer.  I am not as familiar with Suicide Squad as Big Hutch or Sandman... I have no real investment in any of the characters.  The trailer looks like a Harley Quinn, Joker, and Deadshoot movie. I guess. My seeing this will be based on Twitter users I trust and their reviews and if its rated R or not.  I hope they don't make that mistake!

Dr. Strange
NOPE. @brothascomics is boycotting this move. Nothing has changed about that. I do not like the characters and the whitewashing is beyond for me.  Deuces!

Rogue 1
I am not all together on board with these out of continuity Star Wars movies. I mean it looks great and its set in a time frame that I am familiar with after Empire Strikes Back.  But its hard to emotionally invest in characters beyond Mon Mothma. I am sure I will see it, but I kinda wished Star Wars just stuck with the main movies and left all the side angle movies alone.

Enjoy Civil War!  Review up later this weekend

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